James Charles' Sisters Apparel Line Has The Basics

After crashing the website on launch day, James Charles' Sister Apparel line is finally here. Everyone from his subscribers to Jaclyn Hill has been wearing the makeup artist's merch, and now you can too. What's in Charles' Sisters Apparel line, you ask? Makeup lovers are guaranteed to love these items. There's everything from quirky sayings to trendy gear that you'll want in your closet as soon as possible.

Charles is a makeup force to be reckoned with, and now he's slaying the fashion game as well. The first male CoverGirl launched six different apparel items that all come in three different colors. They might look simple at first glance, but these are items are so trendy. There's everything from "I'm shook" hats to hooded sweatshirts, the items are perfect for beauty lovers.

My personal favorite is the "highlight brighter than your future" sweatshirt. It's the same one that Hill sported on Instagram. The rest of the line is just as quirky. There's a sweatshirt that says "guac is extra & so am I" and a hat that says "it's not that deep." Basically, everything that you can imagine Charles saying is now available on your clothing. It doesn't get much better than that.

Every single item — hats and sweatshirts — is available in black, olive green, and powder pink. You'll also be happy to know that all of the merch is pretty affordable. The hats are $24.99 each and the sweatshirts are $39.99. Something tells me this isn't the end of the trendy sayings either.

As of Feb 8 at 11:30 a.m. ET, all of the items are currently in stock on the website. Considering that his fans crashed the site on the initial release, this is pretty good news. I'm willing to bet that the merch won't be around for long though, so you'll want to shop while you can.

Seeing as Sisters Apparel has it's own Instagram page, it looks like this brand is here to stay. I can't wait to see what other sayings and items pop up throughout the year. The items are fabulous, so it'll be hard to beat these slogans.