Kylie Jenner Is Turning 21 & Her Birthday Makeup Line Is All About Getting Wasted

It's that time of year again! No, it's Christmas, and no, it's not the Sephora VIB Rouge sale. It's almost Kylie Jenner's birthday! Why does that matter to beauty lovers, though? It means that the new Kylie Cosmetics 21st Birthday Collection is officially here, and this beauty of a collection looks like a real doozy.

Jenner has actually been teasing the new Birthday Collection since she launched her summer products in July. She explained in an Instagram video that she almost didn't release summer items because she was concentrating on her Birthday Collection. Now, those mysterious goodies have hit the internet in a grand reveal that is all about getting your party on with a Solo cup in hand.

In her reveal video on Instagram, Jenner explains that her birthday collections are special to her, and they began three years ago after Kylie Cosmetics began. According to the Kylie Cosmetics mogul, this 21st Birthday Collection is her "most personal" one yet, and she's hoping that her fans love it.

As for what's inside? Jenner went all out for the occasion and truly put herself into this collection. No, really. A lot of the packaging actually features her face. Thankfully, Jenner didn't just show the packaging, though. She was kind enough to give fans a look of everything that's to come.

So, what's in Kylie Cosmetics' 21 Birthday Collection?

6 Matte Lipsticks

Jenner is launching six brand new matte lipsticks. If wild colors aren't for you, don't worry. The packaging of these new bullet lipsticks are colorful to match the party-time theme of the collection. Jenner didn't released a matte yellow lipsticks.

Instead, Jenner is launching a line gorgeous colors that range from a nude pink to a burgundy red.

Birthday Lipstick Trio

There's no doubt that Jenner's latest collection has a party theme. Just look at those Solo cups. Who could blame her, though? She is turning 21. As for what's inside this trio? It's got three gorgeous lippies.

Pressed Powder Highlight

As Jenner's latest highlight? It's all about Champagne. Seriously, who doesn't want to take a Champagne Shower?

Eyeshadow Palette

Is it even a Kylie Cosmetics collection without an eyeshadow palette? Clearly not, and Jenner's latest is all about vibrant pinks and pops of color.

3 Liquid Eyeshadows

Not only is Jenner releasing three brand new liquid eyeshadows, but they've also got a brand new formula.

3 Lip Kits

Pinks still seem to be the focus.

She is switching up the tones, though, and adding a coral hue.

Mini Set

Jenner's mini sets are usually some of her first products to sell out, so of course there's more for her 21 Birthday Collection.

If Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics 21 Birthday Collection is calling your name, mark your calendars for Aug. 6. These goodies are coming your way so soon, and with some gorgeous new products and a boozy, party-based theme, it may just be Jenner's most fun collection yet.