Kylie Jenner Is Celebrating Turning 21 By Launching A MASSIVE Makeup Collection

It may be Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday on Aug. 10 but she's gifting us with some killer makeup. Swatches of the 2018 Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection will leave you all sorts of shook and ready to shop. Your lips and lids are in for some spectacular treats.

This new range marks the brand's annual celebration of its founder's DOB — and the third season Birthday Collection does NOT disappoint. It's extensive and has a specific theme. It celebrates the thrill and the glory of being 21.

This is more than a milestone bday for the makeup mogul. She has lots to celebrate — from her company approaching billion dollar status, making it the rare beauty biz unicorn, to the birth to her first child, daughter Stormi, who inspired her very own Kylie Cosmetics range.

While the 2016 collection was full of gold-dipped packaging and introduced an array of new products to the brand's at-the-time limited assortment, the 2017 birthday lot was defined by millennial pink packaging.

The 2018 x 21st Birthday set might be her best yet. Jenner revealed the products and swatched some of them via her Instagram story. She tried to do as many swatches as possible — but the L.A. heatwave prevented her phone from functioning and caused it to shut down prematurely. Ironically, the blazing weather "rained" on some of the swatch parade.

The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection V. 2018 includes several bullet lipsticks in colorful soft touch tubes, a mini lippie set, new Lip Kits, which are the brand's hero product, and a blockbuster, 21-pan eyeshadow palette. That makes sense, since there are 21 shadows for each year Jenner has been alive. There are also highlighters. The entire suite is epic AF.

The collection arrives on Aug. 6 — just four days before Jenner turns 21.

Now that's a palette fit for a 21st birthday fete. She couldn't swatch it ATM because of the aforementioned heat.

Luckily and thankfully, she was able to swatch the heck out of the lip offerings.

The packaging is black and retro, with many images featuring Jenner wearing a white blonde wig. There are brand new and refurbished products.

Here's a closer look.

There are kitschy graphics and details that nod to being 21.

The packaging boasts streamers and confetti, the number itself, and the ever-popular red solo cups, which signify that the mom and makeup mogul will now be of legal drinking age.

We've seen the products, the packaging, and all of the awesome. How about some swatches? Now, the party can really begin.

The names!

The tubes!

... and the swatches. Oh, those glorious swatches. The bday bullets are all about reds and pinks.

Hello, lovers! Obvs, the actual bullet shades do not correspond to the tube hues.

Of course there is a lippie trio.

Matte and all that.

There really is something for everyone since each hue in the trio is a different texture.

Can't stop. Won't stop.

Toss one back with glossy AF lips.

There are so many lippies to choose from.

The shades are super pretty.

A trio of newly reformulated liquid eyeshadows? Sign. Us. Up.

Sweets. Sparkle. Libations. Yes to all.

Those colors will drench lids in so much shimmer.

It's a molten pink shade.

This swatch should inspire you to layer the liquid shadows.

Gilded eyes are yours for the taking.

Let it rain — purple rain for your peepers.

That chrome-like glow is something else.

Now, about those Lip Kits...

... what sassy names!

Kylie Jenner Instagram Story

Dem colors, though! What a trifecta of mega matte magnificence!

That's a hot pink for a hot summer.

This glam shade will answer the call on those lazy days when you want to wear zero makeup but still wanna look fabulous.

Check out that soft, watermelon pink pigmentation.

You can never have too many pinks in your life or on your lips.

Baddie is an orange crush shade that's so ripe for summer.

Kylie is serving up lewks with all these Lip Kit hues.

The 2018 Bday Collection features the ever-popular mini set.

Here are the shades and swatches included in that sure-to-sell-out set.

That concludes the swatch session for Kylie Cosmetics 21st Birthday collection which focuses on peepers and pouts!