Patrick Starrr's MAC Line Is Back For Summer & You NEED To See The Eyeshadow Palette

Bronzers, warm tones, and nude lips? Sounds basically perfect, right? Well, get excited, beauty lovers, because a collection containing all of these elements is coming at you thanks to one of the world's biggest brands and most popular gurus. The new MAC x Patrick Starrr summer collection has officially been unveiled by Starrr, and it's a doozy in the great way.

On Wednesday, Starrr took to his Twitter account to announce that he'd be uploading a special video to his Youtube channel shortly, and now, fans know what it is. Starrr debuted the promo video for his latest collection with MAC Cosmetics, and it's the perfect summer time set of products with gorgeously colorful packaging and warmer weather ready shades.

In the video, fans get a glimpse of what's included in the new collection from the guru and the brand, and it honestly looks so good. There appears to be a new bronzer in this collection as well as a highlighter (according to a post from TrendMood), two new gorgeous nude glosses, and a gorgeous warm-toned eyeshadow quad that pretty much screams summer. Basically, the collection, called the Diva Feva collection, is the perfect combination of summery products and shades that you should totally get ready to shop.

But when?

According to the description box of Starrr's video, the new products will be launching online on June 4 and in stores June 7. If you're so ready to get your hands on these goods, you've barely got a week to wait until you can shop them in stores.

As for pricing, there's been no word on it as of press time. However, Starrr's collaborations have been relatively affordable. They won't totally break your bank. His spring Floral Realness collection included two bundles that featured a quad eyeshadow palette, lipstick, lip gloss, and a split pan blush all for $50. Not a bad deal, right? It seems unlikely that prices would skyrocket from their previous affordability for a summer collection.

How do fans feel about the new goods coming from Starrr and MAC? Good. They feel good.

One of the voices happy for Starrr just so happens to be Claudia Soare, president of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

She's not alone, though. Fans are praising Starrr's latest work with the brand.

They're shook over the new collaboration that is coming right on the heels of the spring Floral Realness campaign and launch.

For some, this collection deserves a serious round of applause.

Of course, they're ready to spend their hard earned cash on the launch.

Starrr didn't just help create the products, though. According to his Twitter, he has also had creative control over the marketing for both this new collection and his spring one. Talk about a multi-talented artist, right? MAC has given him full reign on how to craft the marketing materials, and after seeing this video and his Floral Realness images, can you blame them?Everything is stunning.

Not only is the Diva Feva collection a perfect summer time set, but with Starrr at the helm, he's also inspiring his fans as well as making them look gorgeous.

They're in awe of his talent, and who wouldn't be?

If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the MAC x Patrick Starrr Diva Feva summer collection, mark your calendar for June 4 to shop online and June 7 to shop in store. With two bronzers, two lippies, and a gorgeous warm-toned eyeshadow palette, you certainly don't want to miss getting your hands on the guru and the brand's latest work together.