What's In Make Up For Ever's Artist Liquid Matte Line? See Every Single Lipstick


It's officially the year of liquid lipstick. Tons of brands have rolled out lip products just this month alone and Make Up For Ever is joining in on the fun. The brand created a new line of matte lippies that have gorgeous colors and incredible ingredients. What's in Make Up For Ever's Artist Liquid Matte Line, you ask? Let’s just say that there’s a wide variety of nudes to choose from.

Think about all the things you like best in a liquid lipstick. Long-wearing, lightweight feel, and hydrating are probably a few things that come to mind. Well, has all of that. This isn't the brand's first time around creating liquid lipsticks, but this is their first matte formula. According to the website, the lippies are ultra matte, have insane color payoff, and are incredibly long wearing. They're even made with beeswax and avocado oil.

The only down fall to the line is that there are only six nude colors to choose from. It's not exactly the widest color range, but the hues that they do have are gorgeous. You can shop them all on the Make Up For Ever website right now. Each one is $20 each, which makes it the most affordable of all their lip formulas. Here's a look at all the shades, so you can shop accordingly.

1. Cream Beige

Artist Liquid Matte Liquid Lipstick in 101 Cream Beige, $20, makeupforever.com

This one is the lightest of all six shades. It's a gorgeous beige nude that will look great on tons of different skin tones.

2. Warm Beige

Artist Liquid Matte Liquid Lipstick in 103 Warm Beige, $20, makeupforever.com

It doesn't look much different, but this one is slightly darker than the lightest shade.

3. Rosewood

Artist Liquid Matte Liquid Lipstick in 105 Rosewood, $20, makeupforever.com

Following the same nude shade range, Rosewood is nude, but a bit more pink than the others.

4. Natural Beige

Artist Liquid Matte Liquid Lipstick in 107 Natural Beige, $20, makeupforever.com

If Cream and Warm Beige are a little too light for you, then you have a third hue option.

5. Praline

Artist Liquid Matte Liquid Lipstick in 109 Praline, $20, makeupforever.com

This is the darkest shade of the entire line. Still pink, but a bit darker than the others.

6. Cold Pink

Artist Liquid Matte Liquid Lipstick in 203 Cold Pink, $20, makeupforever.com

I'm happy to report that this is not a beige. It is still in the pink family though.

Fingers crossed that they come out with even more shades of the new formula too.