Makeup Geek's Date Night Bundle Is Gorgeous

Looking to amp up your date night makeup routine? Well, Makeup Geek Cosmetics is here to help. They created an eyeshadow bundle that is sure to make you shine for any occasion. What's in the Makeup Geek Date Night Bundle, you ask? Think nine shadows that give you the best of both worlds formula wise and all the colors you could possibly need.

If bold eyes are your thing, then you're going to love the new shadow round-up from Makeup Geek. The limited-edition Date Night Bundle has nine different matte and shimmer shadows that are guaranteed to amp up any look. You've got smokey colors, neutrals, and even pops of colors. While they're all on the cool-toned side, but the versatility is incredible.

This isn't your normal matte and shimmery palette though. You get way more than that. While there are six mattes, the other three shades are foiled. That means even more sparkle than your typical shiny shadows. Makeup Geek is known for their foiled shadows, so this only adds to how amazing the selection is. Like is said before, this is a limited edition palette. It won't be around forever, so you should stock up on this beauty while you still can.

Date Night Bundle, $49,

The price of the bundle is $49, which is the same as their other hand-picked bundles. When you break that down, it turns out to about $5.40 per shade. That's for full-sized pans, people! Considering that Makeup Geek shadows range from $6 t0 $10 each, this is a pretty amazing price.

It's worth noting that you won't get a palette to put it in though. The bundle comes only with the nine pans. You'll have to slide these into an existing z-palette or buy your own along with the bundle. The Makeup Geek palettes range from $13 to $28. The only in the image is the Travel Vault Palette, which is the least expensive of all of them, but looks gorgeous.

Travel Vault Palette, $13,

No matter how you shop, you can't go wrong with this bundle. From the price to the gorgeous shades, this is yet another great Makeup Geek collection.