This Makeup Set Will Make You The Star Of Fourth Of July "Firewerks"

Fourth of July is almost here, which means one thing — it's time to pull out that red lipstick. You know, so you can celebrate the US of A in style. There are a few items you might not be thinking of though. Thankfully, Milk Makeup's Firewerk Set has everything you need for Independence Day beauty look — and a

Just like fireworks, the Fourth of July is the tim to be a little extra. No, that doesn't mean pile on the makeup. It just means amping up the colors a bit. The Firewerk Set gives you everything that you need to do that. The Milk Makeup set includes the brand's Lip Color in O.G. Red, Mini Glitter Stick, and Tattoo Stamp in Star. Aka a little red, white, and stars for you to rock.

As quirky as the set may sound, the makeup look created from the products is super wearable. Plus you'll be able to wear them all individually throughout the year.

The Firewerk Set is available right now on the Milk makeup website for $30. That's $10 per item for two full-sized products and one mini. Considering the lipstick along is $22 on the Sephoa website, this is one heck of a deal on makeup.

If all of that isn't enough to get you to buy, there are some added perks. Every single one of the makeup items is vegan, talc-free, and cruelty free. While the set doesn't currently have any reviews on the website, all of the individual products are rated high on the site. Basically, you're pretty much guaranteed to love this.

Just in case you're still not ready to buy, here's a list of every single item in the set. Be warned though, once you get an up-close view, you're going to want it all.

1. Lip Color in O.G. Red

2. Tattoo Stamp in Star

3. Mini Glitter Stick

Whether you're buying this for the holiday or just looking to get a great deal, you really can't go wrong. There's so much bang for your buck inside this bundle. Not to mention that they look great together or worn on their own. Now that is a reason to celebrate.