See Every Item In Nars' Spring 2017 Color Line

by Kali Borovic

There's no better way to kick off the new year then with a brand new products, and this brand knows it. According to their Instagram, NARS Cosmetics launched their Spring Collection, and it's definitely one you won't want to miss. Although winter is in full force, these products will have you ready to add some color to your makeup bag. What's in NARS' Spring 2017 Color Collection, you ask? The name says it all. There's eleven items out, and you're going to want every single one.

If you're resolution is to add some color into your makeup routine, then I have some great news for you. NARS' Spring 2017 Color Collection is here, and it's packed full of fun items. There's two Duo Eyeshadows, a Semi-Matte and Satin Lipstick, four Velvet Shadow Sticks, a blush, and two lip glosses to choose from. While none of those items are completely new to the site, the colors are.

Whether you're looking to ease in to the colorful trend or add to your already bright collection, this is the line for you. There are subtle lip and eye shades as well as ones that can instantly amp up a look. If this is any indication on how 2017 will be, it's going to be a great year for makeup.

Now for the fun part. Every single item is currently up for grabs on the NARS site right now. The line ranges from $26 to $36, so odds are buying the entire collection is out of budget. Of course, don't let that scare you from stocking up on your favorites though. Here's a look at all of the products, so you can shop accordingly.

1. Chiang Mai Duo Eyeshadow

Duo Eyeshadow - Chiang Mai, $36, Nars Cosmetics

How's that for amping up the color? This pair is perfect if you're looking to add some brightness to your collection.

2. Thessalonique Duo Shadow

Duo Eyeshadow - Thessalonique, $36, Nars Cosmetics

Your second option is more on the subtle side, but still just as gorgeous.

3. Semi Matte Lipstick in Breaking Free

Semi Matte Lipsticks in Breaking Free, $28, Nars Cosmetics

The pink-y peach is perfect for the spring time.

4. Satin Lipstick in Kiss Me Stupid

Satin Lipstick in Kiss Me Stupid, $28, Nars Cosmetics

Not only is the color absolutely gorgeous, but the name is completely on point.

5. Usbek Shadow Stick

Shadow Stick in Usbek, $29, Nars Cosmetics

How's that for a pop of color?

6. Belle-Île Shadow Stick

Shadow Stick in Belle-Île, $29, Nars Cosmetics

The golden orange ties in well with the metallic trend that's in full-swing.

7. Grande Large Shadow Stick

Shadow Stick in Grande Large, $29, Nars Cosmetics

The blue is in full-swing for spring.

8. Siros Shadow Stick

Shadow Stick in Siros, $29, Nars Cosmetics

There's even a more wearable option as well.

9. Bumpy Ride Blush

Blush in Bumpy Ride, $30, Nars Cosmetics

I guess coral cheek colors are here to stay for another year.

10. Aragón Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss in Aragón, $26, Nars Cosmetics

This gloss is a mix between a rusty red and orange.

11. Asphalt Jungle Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss in Asphalt Jungle, $26, Nars Cosmetics

The glitter lip is here to stay, people.

How gorgeous are the new items! While they're not all the most practical for everyday, you have to admit that they're gorgeous.

Images: NARS (11), narsissist/Instgram (1)