Tarte's Wink Wardrobe Tarteist Lash Kit Has It All

Well, my friends, Tarte Cosmetics has done it again. They came out with yet another set that will blow you away, but it won't be around for long. The Wink Wardrobe Tarteist Pro Lash Binder is all about the eyes. What's in the set, you ask? Believe me when I say that the limited edition kit has everything you could possible need for lash application.

It's not secret that faux lashes can be intimidating. You need the glue, the applicator, and sometimes even scissors. Not to mention trying to find the perfect style to fit your eyes. Well, Tarte is here to make your life a little easier. Whether you're a seasoned faux pro or just looking to get into the trend, the Wink Wardrobe Tarteist Pro Lash Binder is here to help you out.

Most obviously, the new items holds 18 different lashes, but there's way more to it than what meets the eye. When you unfold the little box, there's also a black and white lash glue, scissors, and a lash applicator. The only thing you'll need to stock up on is the lashes themselves, which are sold on the Tarte site. Because, come on, they can't do everything for you.

Wink Wardrobe Tarteist Pro Lash Binder, $40, Tarte

How awesome is that! The best part is that you get the entire lash kit for $40. Of course, that's not including the faux lashes though. There's six styles to choose from on the Tarte site. Each one is $12 each, so technically the kit will cost you a little extra.

Wink Wardrobe Tarteist Pro Lash Binder, $40, Tarte

I told you that there was more that meets the eye. I absolutely love that there's a black and a white glue. You just never know when you're going to need it, but now you'll have it all in one place. Not to mention the hard case makes it perfect for traveling.

Wink Wardrobe Tarteist Pro Lash Binder, $40, Tarte

The only downfall is that it's only around for a short time. The kit is limited edition, so you should head over there and snag it while you still can.

Images: Tarte (3)