Becky G's Bold ColourPop Collection Will Make You Look Hot Like An Oven

Here's another beauty range to add to your holiday wish list. The Becky G x ColourPop makeup collection arrives via the brand's site on Wednesday, Dec. 5. The Salvaje Collection, which translates to "savage" in Spanish, is ace for many reasons. It's all about lips, lids, and looking lit-from-within.

was wholly inspired by the pop singer's Latin roots. Becky G, who was also a Covergirl spokesmodel, described her Latin heritage as "strong" in the caption of the Insta post revealing the range. She also noted that she focused on incorporating her cultural background into the products and that's a beautiful thing. Other Latin beauties can truly feel that this collection was made with them in mind.

Becky G also said something else incredibly poignant about the collection. In her post, she exclaimed, "All of this makeup is something I could literally wear everyday." It's both an impactful and universal collection and fans the world over will covet all of the items.

Becky G x ColourPop is also special because it's the first time the affordable anf beloved, L.A.-based brand has partnered with a musical artist. Many prior ColourPop collabs have been with online influencers.

As for what the collection is comprised of? Oh. it's good AF.

The assortment includes a 12-pan eyeshadow palette, with bright, bold shades living amongst several neutrals. There are five lippies and two loose highlighting powders in ivory and golden tones.

There is so much to gawk over and get excited about with this collection.

Those eyeshadows, though. The palette is a hearty and well-edited mix of hues and textures. You can mix and "matte" and enjoy some shimmer and sparkle. The color spectrum basically ensures that you can and will create dozens of custom looks whenever you use it. You can use it daily and legit go for months without repeating an eye look.

The lippies come in supremely spicy neutral tones — oranges, reds, and browns.

Here's how some of the products look IRL and on Becky G's beautiful visage. That teal shadow totally pops.

Stunning. There's a lot of glow at work here, too. The Becky G x ColourPop capsule is all about those pops of color — see what we did there? — and her Latin heritage. It's absolutely amazing when a celeb can celebrate and demonstrate her roots via makeup products. It's just another way that beauty products can be transformative and can mean so much more than just playing up one's features. Cosmetics can be the connective tissue between so many users, too.

The internet's reaction to the BG x CP collection was swift and intense. Fans pledged their devotion from the get-go.

Becky G has always been #makeupgoals. She nabbed her Covergirl contract all the way back in 2013. Therefore, her ColourPop collection is further infused with "know how" from someone who has an obvious passion for products.

Go ahead and make a note in your smartphone now so that you remember to hop online to shop the Becky G x ColourPop drop.