Becky G Is Launching Another Colourpop Collection & It's Even Better Than The First

Makeup collaborations are always a fun time for beauty fans. And if those collaborations are with celebrities, they’re even whimsical and special. The makeup brand known as Colourpop Cosmetics just dropped its second Becky G x Colourpop Collection, and it’s even more vibrant than the first. However, with this makeup release, you’ll have to act quickly because it’s a limited edition line.

Colourpop and Becky G aren’t strangers. The singer and actor launched her Salvaje Collection with the brand that was inspired by her Latin roots. Well, Becky is already putting her Latina style all over a second Colourpop collection. The makeup brand made the announcement of its second collaboration on Instagram July 25, revealing the stunning packaging and swatches of the product.

Aptly-named the Viva Collection, the collaboration is smaller than the first with only two pieces, but this drop features more high-impact colors. The brand’s famed Super Shock eyeshadows get the Becky G treatment in a Viva Super Shock Shadow Foursome. Plus, fans can also buy into the collection’s Viva Lip Ulta Glossy Lip Bundle.

Although this collection is small, it won’t be here for long. Since the line is limited edition, the brand also mentions that only limited quantities will be available for purchase. Becky G and Colourpop fans can, however, start their spree on July 26 as the line goes live at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST. Prices in the line start at $18.

The singer herself took to Instagram to make an announcement about her second collaboration with some back story behind its tropical theme.

"Growing up I always ​heard 'Viva Mexico!' Becky wrote under the campaign photo on Instagram. "​I agree, and I add:​​ 'Viva el Amor', 'Viva La Vida', 'Viva Las Mujeres'."

The Becky G x Colorpop Super Shock Shadows Foursome are imprinted with Becky's "B monogram, but the shade of it all is why beauty lovers will stick around for this drop. The four shades include "Oro," a rich champagne yellow golden shimmer, "Verano," an orange shimmer, "Rosa," a magenta matte with specs of glitter, and "Cielo," an aquamarine shimmer. Fans who are digging these pigments can get this Super Shock Foursome that will retail for $20.

As for the Glossy Lip Bundle, the three glosses featured in the trio are the shades "Ale," a chestnut brown gloss, "B," a light peach nude with silvery glitter specks, and the shade "Steph," a sheer glitter gloss. Makeup lovers can snag the bundle for $18.

Becky was recently a guest on beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials' channel where she snuck in one of the new shades from her collection and explained how she got into makeup.

"I would always play with my mom's makeup," she says in the video. "It was, like, the Chola era where there's very dark lip liners, very rich lipstick colors and I'm super pro 'do what makes you happy', what makes you feel like you're expressing yourself whether it's in the way you dress or the way you do makeup — male or female."

This Becky G x Colourpop collection definitely tops the first with all of its expressive pigments and glosses. And regardless of who's sporting makeup, everyone will try to get their hands on this line before its all gone.