Jaclyn Hill's Makeup Brush Collection Is The Only One You'll Ever Need

It's time to revamp your makeup tool wardrobe for fall. What better way to do that and to play with all of the new products and launches of the season than with the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Brush collection? These premium and primo tools arrive on Tuesday, Aug. 28 and they follow the influencer and brand's recent Eyeshadow Vault Palettes. Hill confirmed in a recent video that she and Morphe have been working on these brushes for three (!!!) years since they wanted the applicators to be perfect for Hillsters and makeupistas.

Now, they will finally see the (high)light of day and help you expertly apply all of your products. You can spend mad loot on high-end products but it won't matter if you don't have the proper tools with which to apply them.

The previous teases posted by Hill and Morphe suggested that it would be a complete collection of face and eye tools. That's exactly what it is but you are able to pick and choose among them with some conditions.

Hill also shared a nearly 30-minute video detailing the brush sets — there are three — on her ever-popular YouTube channel. She proclaims that the bristles are "soft and luxurious" and promised that they will be super easy to use. The video is informative and explains the usages, the finer points, the cost factors, and the decision-making processes that went into creating the range. You will have zero questions about the collection after you watch it.

Here's a quick breakdown of the sets and their prices. The Eye Master Collection boasts eight brushes for $42. That shakes out to about $5.25 per tool. The Face Master Collection hosts five brushes for $56, which averages around $11 per brush. The Master Collection of 24 brushes costs $165. That's a total steal at less than $7 per brush. The brushes will be sold individually on the Morphe site, too!

The brand wasn't planning to issue any of the brushes a la carte. However, fans expressed interest in buying some separately. So Hill and Morphe changed their plans to satisfy that customer demand.

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous — as in Hill, the brushes, and her makeup look in this promo snap?!

Here's the full video where Hill's love, passion, and excitement for her latest creation radiates from the screen.

The Eye Master collection comes in an easy-to-clean, sparkly silver case and Hill swears you will use every brush she created on a daily basis.

The makeup guru also notes that the handles are easy to grip and comfortable to use.

There are blending brushes, definers, and smudgers. It's everything you need for eyeshadow awesomeness.

Crafting the Face Master Collection was a struggle for Hill since she couldn't narrow down which tools she wanted to include. The set features a foundation brush, which is the same as her "Ride or Die" Morphe brush but with a thicker handle. There is also a powder x bronzer brush, an under eye brush, an angled blush brush, and a highlighter brush.

The Master Collection features both the Eye and Face collections, with an additional 11 brushes and the fold out, travel-friendly case.

There are several additional eye blending brushes in the complete set. Hill broke down the differences and nuances of their shape, performance capabilities, and how she uses them. Some brushes feature natural hairs, since Hill didn't like how synthetic hairs were grabbing and blending product. There are, however, synthetic brushes in this collection.

There are contouring brushes and beyond in the additional face set! In the vid, Hill also shares the genesis of the brushes, info about early incarnations, and more.

Go forth and contour, bronze, and smoke out all day, every day. This set allows you to be a brush boss.