Jaclyn Hill Is Launching A New Makeup Product & It's TOTALLY Unexpected

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collab knows no bounds. Like none whatsoever and that's a great thing for makeupistas. The influencer and the brand just dropped the Vault collection of eyeshadows featuring shades that didn't quite fit the blockbuster 2017 palette. Now, Hill and Morphe have teased another collab — and all signs point to makeup brushes.

It might be unexpected. But it would make complete and total sense at this point in their long-running partnership — since Morphe is known for its high quality brushes along with its epic eyeshadow palettes and its collabs with Hill.

Both Hill and Morphe shared the same image on Instagram over the weekend, which followed Hill's super vague tease that more is on the way.

The graphic features Hill's instantly recognizable profile — with a bob, no less!— as a silhouette. Her head is surrounded by six hands holding makeup brushes of all shapes and sizes. So, it would seem super obvious that it's a brush collection.

Of course Hillsters have hypotheses and theories, which they are posting in the comments of tease. It could be that Morphe and Hill are throwing us off the scent. Maybe they aren't being too, too obvious with this hint and want us to think it's tools and applicators when it's really something else. Or perhaps the truth of this collab is hiding in plain sight.

What we do know for sure is that whatever the next edition of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe collab is… we'll be shopping it on Tuesday, Aug. 28. What a great way to close out the summer and to look forward to all of the beautiful fall launches and products — with a fresh supply of makeup brushes!

From the outline and the image, we can see three fluffy face brushes. Those appear to be for blush, bronzer, foundation, and contouring products. There looks like three eyeshadow brushes — buffers, blenders, and shaders.

Those tools would arrive just in time to use with any of her color story-driven Vault palettes...

... or with the much-loved mega palette she dropped with the brand last summer.

Fans are happy at the prospect of more Hill-created and endorsed products with this indie brand. The general vibe is that they will flock to whatever it is that Hill releases. Remember, she did pause the release of the Morphe Vault shadows due to production issues and won't put anything out that is not of utmost quality for her customers and the beauty community.

Some Hillsters are hoping, wishing, and praying that Hill and Morphe will drop face products, such as a bronzer. You never know what's in their future. Some have stated that they wish Hill would finally launch her long-gestating eponymous line.

Others are lamenting that they are broke due to all of the awesome coming at us from Hill and Morphe as of late. Overall, the loyal legion of Hillsters has lots of emotions over this hint and what it could mean.

Bustle reached out to Morphe reps for more information about the next J. Hill launch. While these frequent drops might decimate your wallet, they will beautify your face.