What's In the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection? There Are 4 Palettes & 40 New Shades To Drool Over

Makeup enthusiasts who couldn't get enough of last year's Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette will be excited to hear that a whole new collection is dropping this summer — and it won't just be a couple new shadows, but a whole vault. So what's in the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection? Expect 40 brand new shadows to play with, and for a very affordable price.

When collaborating for her first collection with Morphe, Hill revealed that she created nearly a hundred different eyeshadow colors for her first palette, and then had to narrow down the selection to 35 shimmery and matte shadows for the original release. But seeing how beautiful those leftover shades were, Morphe stuck them into their vault and waited until it was time to create a whole new collab.

At first the brand was tinkering with the idea of releasing a second palette, or perhaps separate pans that you could buy individually and create your own palette with, but ultimately decided to go with a "more is more" attitude and release the whole thing.

According to Hill, most of the original shades have made the cut, along with some newly innovated colors that she made especially to finish off or tie together a particular color story. So what's actually inside this vault? It's a series of four mini palettes that come in four different themes, and cost $15 each. Or if you feel like treating yourself, you can get the whole vault for $49, saving yourself $11.

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

The four different themes are broken up into four distinct color palettes: red, yellow, green, and purple. Below is a breakdown of each option. The colors are so beautiful, you will want them all.

"Ring The Alarm" Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection


"Ring the Alarm" is the red palette, and it moves across 10 different matte and shimmer shades in the orange, pink, and burgundy color family. From a matte tangerine shade, to a metallic shimmer copper, to a pumpkin orange, to a metallic pink cranberry, it will help you achieve that warm, lit smoky eye glow.

Below are the swatches of the colors. If you're curious which one is Hill's favorite, that will be "Mugshot," which is the eighth color. According to her it's a "poopy, pukey" brown with an orange undertone, and it's her most used color in the whole vault.

Jaclyn Hill/ YouTube

"Armed & Gorgeous" Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection


Dubbed the yellow palette, "Armed & Gorgeous" is meant to look like the outdoors, making you think of forests and beaches with it's dark green mattes, sunset oranges, and sandy browns. From a matte mustard yellow, to a muted pale gold, to a metallic green yellow, to an orange caramel shade, this mini palette brings you back to nature in the best possible way.

Below are the swatches to give you an idea how the hues will look like on your lids. For the last color, Hill recommends going in with setting spray on your brush so it turns into a beautiful gold foil on your lids.

Jaclyn Hill/ YouTube

"Bling Boss" Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection


This is the purple palette, and it incorporates golden beige hues with flecks, bright metallic purples, cool tone browns with purple undertones, and matte reds with cranberry undertones.

Below are the swatches, and in the video Hill revealed that "Berry Treasure," the very last shadow, is her favorite shade of all time. It was very difficult to create, and it's a satin shadow with metallic glitter that is a complex purple, pink, and black hybrid.

Jaclyn Hill/ YouTube

"Dark Magic" Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection


"Dark Magic" is the green palette, and it's meant to be your late night, date night palette. It moves through metallic silvers, foiled forest greens, taupe browns, and matte deep blues.

Check out the swatches below, and start thinking of all the smokey eye looks you can create with this sultry lineup.

Jaclyn Hill/ YouTube

The palette is dropping on Tuesday, June 26, at Morphe stores and online, and will also be released in Ulta on July 15. So mark your calendars, and get ready to make these shades yours!

Update: On June 21, Morphe announced the release of Hill's Vault Collection would be delayed due to "inconsistent production" of the palettes. There is currently no new release date.