Kylie Just Announced Her Latest Makeup Bundle & The Savings Are Unreal

Kylie Cosmetics doesn't always have sales, but recently, it seems founder Kylie Jenner wants to give back to her fans. From freebies with purchases to buy one, get one deals, she's giving people definite incentive to shop. Now, Kylie's April Favorites Bundle has been released, and to say that this deal is stellar could just be an understatement.

Starting in February 2018, Jenner began to curate bundles of some of her favorite products for the site. While that's exciting for Jenner's fans (who doesn't want a Kylie approved face, after all), was there any other incentive? Yes, yes there was. These bundles came with steep discounts on the products inside. Her March Favorites Bundle was worth a whopping $181, and the newly minted beauty mogul sold the kit for only $100. That streak seems to be continuing.

On Thursday, Jenner announced her April Favorites, and she may have just out done herself this time. While her last collection was valued at $181, April is coming in blazing with a $202 value that Jenner has retailing for just $100. You're basically getting a Kylie Jenner curated collection of products for under half their actual price. It's basically a belated Easter miracle, right?

The announcement of her April Favorites Bundle comes hot on the heels of her latest launch, too. Just two days ago, Jenner launched four brand new liquid lip kits to her collection for fans to shop. While you may think she's conquered the lipstick game, the new lippies just prove that she's got even more creative juices flowing.

Whether she's celebrating the launch by debuting her April Favorites or not, fans should certainly take advantage if they didn't indulge in those new lip kits. Hey, even if you did snag one or all of the newbies, who doesn't need more makeup?

What's in Jenner's new bundle? Well, it's a lot. The most obvious item is her Royal Peach palette. This OG Kylie items is one of the priciest pieces you'll be getting. Then, there's her blush. The shade included? X-Rated which is rumored to be one of Jenner's personal favorites (which makes sense for this bundle).

After that, it's all about the lips. Jenner is basically including one of every single lip formula she has. Fans who purchase the bundle will have their lip needs meet pretty much until the end of summer. Shoppers of the bundle will receieve a Dazzle Velvet Lip Kit, Exposed Matte Lip Kit, Low Key Velvet Single, Heat Velvet Single, Poppin Gloss, Dirty Peach Matte Single, and the Sherbet Creme Lipstick. See? Lip products for days.

If you want it, best to go get it now. According to the brand's Twitter, they're flying off internet shelves.

As for Jenner's fans, they're stoked about the latest bundle.

It's a $102 discount. That's deserves of a "Yaaaasssss."

These bundles truly are a big deal to fans who want to try more of Jenner's products but don't want to break the bank. Thanks, Kylie!

For some, the new monthly favorite bundles are their favorite thing on the website. Given the sale price, who can blame them?

Now, after a long wait, the April Monthly Favorites Bundle is finally here.

As of press time, there are still bundles left on the Kylie Cosmetics website. With a palette, a blush, and seven different kinds of lippies, your spring and summer makeup collection will be set.

If you love a good beauty buy, can't possibly get enough Kylie Cosmetics, or don't own some of the items in the bundle, time to get that credit card out and do some damage.