Kylie Cosmetics Has Monthly Curated Bags That Give You Kylie's Faves For Half The Price

Kylie Cosmetics has been a busy brand. While their founder, Kylie Jenner, was pregnant with baby Stormi Webster, she and her developed an entire collection (with brand new products) inspired by the baby girl. Now, Kylie Cosmetics' March favorites bundles are here, and it's a specially collection of Jenner's personal favorites. Busy brand, right?

March isn't Jenner's first monthly bundle, but it is a new feature for the brand. The lip kit creator started featuring her bundles the same month baby Webster was born: February. Whether it was a celebration of her birth or not, no one knows, but what fans do know is that these collections of products are a total steal for those who love Jenner's most sought after goods.

What exactly do fans find inside these boxes? Well, they are called the Kylie Favorites bundles get Jenner's favorites. The products seem to rotate monthly. During her inaugural February box, the themed seemed to be all about reds and pinks and romance (there was definitely a Kylie thong included). As for her March box, it's a bit less cohesive but no less of a value. Palettes, lip kits, highlighters, and blushes are co-mingle together in these limited packages to get you the best deal of some of Jenner's very one faves.

What kind of discounts are we talking about here? A deep one. Take the March bundles as an example. According to the Instagram post, if you were to shop the bundles separately, it would come out to $181. Not cheap, right? Shop the bundle, though, and the price drops to $100. It may still not be your drugstore aisle, but for eight items (including a makeup bag and palette), it's kind of a dream come true for Kylie Cosmetics fans.

As for the February Kylie Cosmetics bundle, it was the same way. Not only did this bundle feature an item from the Kylie shop (in that thong), but it featured some killer complexion products like Kylighters and blushes plus, of course, the Burgundy Palette which basically screams Valentine's Day.

As for the deal on the very first Kylie Monthly Favorites bundle? All of the products retails for $198 when combined. Jenner knocked the price down to $100. You're basically getting these products for half off aka it's a total steal.

There is, however, a bit of a caveat to these bundles. Fans love them, and while that doesn't seem like a bad thing, it is if you're not fast enough to head over to the Kylie Cosmetics website and snag one.

Jenner announced her March bundles a single day ago. One day. Now, they're gone. It appears as though the same thing was true of her February collection. Kylie Cosmetics addicts know a good deal when they see one, and they certainly seem to see on in this new addition to the Kylie Cosmetics family.

Could Jenner restock her March bundle? While there is always a chance, it seems unlikely. There was no restock during February, and so, one in March just don't seem to be in the cards. There is some good news, at least.

The Kylie Monthly Favorites bundles seem to be a new recurring deal with the brand. So far, there are been two consecutive months, and given that they sell out so quickly, Jenner discontinuing the deals seems incredible unlikely. You know what that means? Keep your eyes peeled to the brand's Instagram in April for the next set of goods.

While Jenner may have just had a baby, and she also may have just launched a brand new collection, she's keeping things going with these bundles. While her fans loves a new release, she doesn't seem to have forgotten that they also love her OG products.