This 'Frozen' Makeup Collection Is Going To Make Every Disney Fan Freak Out

It's going to be a "Frozen" November, and not because there is a snowy weather event on the horizon. Mally Beauty and Disney have collaborated on a Frozen makeup collection. It's limited edition and inspired by the smart, compassionate, and strong-minded sisters Elsa and Anna. Now, that's a concept you can and should totally get behind, whether you plan to shop this collection for yourself or for the budding, mini makeupista in your life.

The wintry collection will launch exclusively on QVC and features loads of beautiful, quality, and on-trend products, since that is what Mally Beauty is known for. Highly-pigmented, color-rich eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, lip glosses, and blushes comprise the collection. There are two snowflake-adorned keepsake mirrors included, as well.

The exact release date is TBD and the prices will be revealed in due time.

But, let's be real, it's the packaging that is life. The products come nestled in blue and pink ice castle cases, with one representing Elsa and the other representing Anna.

If your knees just buckled, that's both a relatable and acceptable reaction to this day-making news. Prepare to collapse in a heap of joy once you get a look at the aforementioned packaging. Ready?

OMG, right? This is the sort of packaging that will inspire you to upcycle rather than recycle. Cut the tops off, reinforce the material however you see fit, and perhaps repurpose it in some sort of makeup storage capacity. Or maybe incorporate it into the wrapping for a holiday gift. See, product packaging can have a second life and be somewhat green. Whatever it is, this package absolutely cannot see the inside of a garbage can.

This collection allows you to flex creative muscles beyond creating custom makeup looks. While the packaging is breathtaking, it's all we have seen so far. Imagine how good the products are going to be.

It was only a matter of time before a beauty brand got the coveted chance to do a collection of products inspired by the super popular film. With the sisters at the center of the film, it's obvious why Mally put them at the center of this collection.

Mally Beauty founder Mally Roncal's source of inspo wasn't simply an affinity for the super popular Disney story. It's much deeper than that.

"As a mommy of three beautiful daughters, the story of Disney's Frozen speaks to me on such a strong, emotional level," she said in a press release. "Elsa is polished and elegant, yet tough, strong, and powerful. Anna is a free spirit, optimistic, energetic, and playful. I believe as women we each have many different sides to our personalities and these collections capture them perfectly."

It's true. Elsa and Anna are each striking in their own way, from their looks to their personalities. It's refreshing that the Mally Beauty x Frozen collection is focusing on the more intangible traits of these beloved sisters.

"We've been looking forward to launching these two dynamic, personality-filled capsule collections," said Brian Robinson, president of Mally Beauty. "This collaboration with Disney's Frozen has given our team the opportunity to really showcase our creativity."

Stay tuned to the Mally Beauty Instagram feed, as the brand promised to reveal more details about the magnificent Frozen makeup collection in due time. You will surely be singing "let it go" to your hand, begging it to release the bills needed to cash in on this collection.