Rihanna Just Launched A Naughty & SUPER Extra Accessories Line For The Bedroom

Your undies drawer is about to get an upgrade. It's going to be dosed with some saucy thrills! Rihanna's Savage x Fenty intimates collection has added Savage Xccessories and it's name announces exactly what it is. These lingerie-adjacent items are not exactly undergarments but they can be worn as such in some cases! The "xccessories" are naughty, playful, and sassy. There are no rules when it comes to Rihanna's boudoir attire and add-ons. That's what makes them "xccesories." You don't need them but you sure do want them!

That's why the line is aptly named. The "xcessories" are perfectly extra and a little X-rated. So they are "Xtra!"

It's a 10-piece collection and it's available right now via the Savage site. So you can get your sexy shopping on ASAP.

The prices run from $18 to $24, so everything is super affordable. The range includes eye masks so you can sleep in peace or be surprised — if you catch our drift! They come in super soft fabrics like satin and lace. Marabou handcuffs and silky satin restraints introduce another element of kink. There is also a satin sash that can be incorporated into your intimates wardrobe. There is also the Cat O'Nine whip, which can be toted back and forth in your bag. The rose gold crop is also a sultry and scintillating touch.

Leather and satin pasties are also available and can be paired with other items in the Fenty x Savage undies collection for extra coverage! The "Xccessories" are rounded out with a soft touch — thanks to the chiffon and lace garters that are vintage but sexy AF.

Did you break out into a sweat reading about these items? That's totally OK. These items are meant to take things up a notch… or 10.

Below is a rundown of the "Xccessories."

1. Marabou Handcuffs

Courtesy of Savage x Fenty

The official shade name is "Fairy Dust."

2. Kitty Whip

3. Satin Restraints

4. Lace Eye Mask With Black Tie

6. Padded Eye Mask

7. Lace Garter

8. Satin Sash

9. Rose Gold Crop

10. Leather Pasties

11. Satin Pasties

These accessories are another way that Rihanna's Savage x Fenty lingerie and intimates line is super inclusive. The main collection offers expanded sizes so that all women can wear it and feel fierce and hawt AF. Rihanna has tapped into another culture and lifestyle with these pieces, which speak to those with adventurous bedroom tastes. She really did craft a well-rounded line that reaches so many individuals and in different ways. It's truly a full service intimates collection at this point.

You can and should get totally naughty, courtesy of Rihanna and the "Xccessories" collection. The pieces can also be treated as outfit accoutrements or used for bedroom play a la Fifty Shades of Grey.