Rodarte & Universal Standard Dropped A High Fashion Collab That Goes Up To Size 40

Courtesy of Universal Standard

High-low fashion hybrids are fairly common these days. From Alexander Wang for H&M to Balmain for H&M, mashups between luxury and accessible brands make fashion more available. However, the high-low concept just became more size inclusive. Rodarte and Universal Standard have partnered for a four-piece capsule collection that is offered in sizes 00 to 40. While prestige fashion brands are often criticized for their limited sizing, this collab is challenging that outmoded concept. You get all of the style in all of the sizes without sacrificing one or the other.

Universal Standard is firmly committed to fit. The brand offers jeans and basics at affordable prices in the largest size run on the market. The company aims to democratize fashion and level the playing field by making stylish clothes available to every woman at every size. Its mission is to make sure an article of clothing looks as stylish on a someone who is a size 6 as it does on someone who is a size 26 through thoughtful design rather than making it bigger. Rodarte, the couture label run by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, is known for whimsical, dramatic pieces and beloved by celebrities. Everyone from Selena Gomez to Millie Bobby Brown to Rihanna to Kristen Stewart has worn the brand's ruffly and romantic wares.

Courtesy of Universal Standard

These markedly different brands worked together diligently to create a collection that meshes elevated essentials with a fashion forward aesthetic.

The collection removes the barrier to entry and eradicates the notion that only women of a certain size care about fashion, according to Universal Standard's co-founder and chief creative officer Alex Waldman.

"Working together to provide access to beautiful design and well-made clothing was not only a creative endeavor, but an important demonstration of what can happen when a joint mission is manifested," Waldman tells Bustle exclusively via email. "Rodarte x Universal Standard is removing outdated barriers and allowing more women than ever before to participate in fashion, be seen, and feel recognized. The world is changing, and we believe everything should, and will, soon be different."

Rodarte relied on Universal Standard's mastery of fit to help translate its aesthetic across the size spectrum, according to the Mulleavy sisters' interview with Vogue. The collection ultimately proves that inclusivity is the new standard and that this is how fashion should function for all women.

Courtesy of Universal Standard

Rodarte's Universal Standard collection arrives on April 9 via the Universal Standard site and you are going to want to own every single piece. There's a blouse, skirt, jumpsuit, and dress in multiple colors, ranging from black, white, red, and blush. So you can snag an LBD or an LRD. The assortment starts at $150 and go up to $240.

As Kate Mulleavy told Vogue, "It was really about Rodarte's voice... We wanted to start with what felt like signature pieces that could be the building blocks to have a great wardrobe, pieces that you could style in a lot of different ways, that could go from evening to day, that could travel easily, and yet still be very elevated and fashion-forward. I think we have a romantic voice in our design but it's also forward-thinking. This collection has an interesting balance between that."

Below are the gorgeous, highly coveted, and, well, balanced pieces in the collection.

1. Rodarte x Universal Standard Jumpsuit

The frilly yet chic jumpsuit has all the details. It comes in cherry red and black, and boasts an off-the-shoulder top, a cascade of ruffles, and is cropped at the ankle.

2. Rodarte x Universal Standard Blouse

The dramatic yet wearable blouse is offered in red, blush, and white. The full sleeves and scarf-like neck are the perfect accompaniment to any pair of pants — from straight-legged to flared.

3. Rodarte x Universal Standard Dress

Of course the collection has an LBD, which also comes in red and blush. The asymmetrical hem and ribbon detailing are absolutely darling.

4. Rodarte x Universal Standard Skirt

The skirt is elegant, airy, and has a sash. It's available in red and blush tones and can be dressed up with the collection's blouse or dressed down with a casual V-neck tee.

Rodarte's Universal Standard collection is not a marketing tactic to introduce each brand's fans to the other. It's about style in every size. The collection represents underrepresented people and bodies, and this is the direction in which high fashion should continue to go. If Rodarte can do it, so can many other brands.