This K-Beauty Line Pays Tribute To Snoopy & It's Too Adorable To Pass Up

Courtesy of Innisfree

Everyone's favorite dog is getting his own beauty line. K-Beauty brand Innisfree, which features a curated collection of Korean beauty products, has partnered with Peanuts for a super adorable Snoopy collection this Valentine's Day. The Innisfree x Snoopy collection includes both skin and color products and it's just the refresh that your makeup stash needs as we begin our cruise through 2018.

Snoopy x Innisfree is limited edition and features just a handful of collectible products. Still, go ahead and whip out your credit card, because you are going to want every item to help decorate your vanity.

The good news is that the entire suite of offerings is super affordable, with the most expensive product clocking in at $12. That means you can grab one of everything without going into debt or experiencing buyer's remorse.

If you are a Peanuts diehard, then you will want to procure this collection for its keepsake value, as well.

There are Vivid Creamy Tints — basically, liquid lipsticks that applied via wand. There are also refillable, magnetized compacts and palettes, featuring a smiling Snoopy accompanied by phrases like "Laugh A Lot" and "Love More," which are a words to live by. There's also a nail polish.

Perfumed Snoopy-branded hand creams were also part of the collection upon launch, but aren't currently available on the site. They may be awaiting a restock.

Overall, though, Snoopy x Innisfree offers a well-edited selection of products that will speak to beauty lovers of all ages. The image of Snoopy carrying Valentine hearts or giving off his signature, goofy grin while surrounded by music notes, will inject a necessary dose of fun into your a.m. routine, too.

Below is the rundown of products that remain shoppable and impossible to pass up.

Courtesy of Innisfree

Real Vivid Nail Color 112, $4, Innisfree

Formulated with nourishing calcium, argan, and tangerine oils, the long-lasting, highly pigmented nail lacquer also smells like tangerines. This goes-with-anything neutral will work with any outfit and during any season.

Courtesy of Innisfree

Vivid Creamy Tint 1, $12, Innisfree

The brand's colorful lip cream glides across your pucker like a gloss, but it dries down to a semi-matte finish. It offers high impact color, with an airy finish that won't cake or crust. Plus, look how cute Snoopy is on the cap.

Courtesy of Innisfree

Vivid Creamy Tint 2, $12, Innisfree

Nothing banishes winter blahs and blues than a bright slick of berry-toned lip color.

Courtesy of Innisfree

Vivid Creamy Tint 3, $12, Innisfree

Check out the shape of the applicator. It will ensure your pout is well-covered with a pop of color.

Courtesy of Innisfree

Compact Case 1, $10, Innisfree

You can customize this cushion makeup compact. It's so easy. All you have to do is choose your liquid cushion foundation finish and shade, pick your applicator, and then select the case design. Boom — you're done!

Courtesy of Innisfree

Compact Case 2, $10, Innisfree

You have choices when it comes to the compact designs.

Courtesy of Innisfree

My Palette Case Small, $7, Innisfree

This mirrored and magnetized palette is also totally customizable. Just add your choice of blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, contour, concealer, or correcting shades. When you hit pan or if you simply want to change the colors inside, you can swap them out by popping new shades in and out. It's constantly renewable.

Courtesy of Innisfree

My Palette Case Medium, $9, Innisfree

It's a different design, but the same concept. It's also slightly larger. Plus, don't you just love the message Snoopy is promoting? Swoon.

Don't snooze on Snoopy x Innisfree. Scoop up any of these products and indulge your inner Peanuts fan ASAP.