What's In The Star Wars x Terez Leggings Collection? You Will Live In These Intergalactic Pieces

Cult fave athleisure brand Terez has dropped a Star Wars-inspired capsule collection ahead of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which cruises into multiplexes later this month. The new collection includes five additional intergalactic leggings styles for women. There are iconic Star Wars characters factored into the fabric, while the brand's signature glitter, crystal, emojis, and rainbows are featured in the print.

You will live in these leggings and will be proud of being lured to The Dark Side, since Darth Vader is prominently featured in the pieces.

The range also includes six additional styles for kids. It's never too soon to influence the tykes in your life and to stoke their Star Wars fandom.

The adult women's collection features four pairs of leggings, which range in price from $82 to $96, as well as a silver foil racerback tank. You can mix these pieces with items already in your closet, adding a dash of Star Wars flair to any casual ensemble. If you want to run errands, hit the gym, or enjoy a hot beverage or brunch with your besties, you can do so fashionably and while displaying your fanaticism for Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and co.

The collection is available as of today. Here is the rundown of the adult pieces.

May the force be with... your closet!

1. The Force Is Strong

Comic Strip Tall Band Leggings

The black and white leggings are deceptively simple. A closer look reveals their epic Star Wars-ness.

2. Lord Vader Reigns Supreme

Silver Foil Tall Band Leggings

Those Vader helmets are legit. They are the numero uno reason to rock these leggings. We're going to go out on a limb here and assume that Darth Vader supports the argument that leggings are indeed pants. It's a long-running fashion debate and we think he's on the side of leggings-as-pants.

3. Even More Vader

Heathered Darth Vader Leggings

More helmets! You can never have too many pairs of Darth Vader leggings. It's leggings for days. We were not kidding when we said this range is very Vader-riffic. Since the print is so strong, it's best to wear these with a solid color top.

4. Storyboard Leggings

Sketch Tall Leggings

OMG! These white leggings are like a storyboard transformed into bottoms. Can you see your fave characters in the sketches? These are so sketchy, in the best possible way. If you like your clothes to feature what appears to be abstract art, this pair is for you.

5. Think Tank

Silver Foil Racerback Tank

This sleeveless top is so cute, with so many details. It's all about the details in all of these pieces.

The youth collection also features leggings, tanks, and shorts. They run from $48 up to $62. If you want to be matchy matchy with the little ones in your family or in your orbit, this is a great way to do it.

If you want to further Star Wars-icize your wardrobe, the Kipling x Star Wars bag collection is about as ace as it gets. It's full of roomy backpacks, clutches, and more. The designs nod to your fave characters in the franchise, as well.

These two collections let you wear your fandom in the best possible way. You could even mix and match pieces from each range and still not look like you are overdoing it. Besides, it's 2018. Who needs fashion rules? All that matters is that the fashion force is strong.

If you thought athleisure was on the wane or were starting to feel like leggings are so over, the Terez x Star Wars collection is here to prove you wrong.