Starbucks UK's 2019 Christmas Range Is Here & It Features A Purple Wrap

by Aoife Hanna

The greatest thing about changing seasons is the changing seasonal offerings that come alongside them. Whether it's fresh fruit and veg, certain tastes that match the weather, or, indeed, actual gifts: seasonal is where it's at. And don't high street chains know all about it. Now the hotly anticipated Starbucks UK Christmas 2019 menu has been revealed, and it's about to inspire a load of festive cheer and merriment.

Starbucks have pulled out all of the stops and then some this year. Their menu is laden with not only the return of some old time favourites but also a whole host of new delights to make you giddy as an elf.

Sadly, however, some old favourites won't be returning. Like the sinfully delicious salted caramel brownie hot chocolate from last year. Which was an out-and-out hit with customers. It was topped with a brownie-flavoured whipped cream and had all sorts of brownie and salted caramel chunks in. But that's in the past, it's a whole new year and we have a lot to look forward to.

The annual crowd pleasers in terms of bevvies, toffee nut, gingerbread, and eggnog flavoured lattes are back and ready to warm you up on those frosty Christmas mornings. And they'll be served up of course in those famous red cups.

One new drink that's set to tantalise your sweet tooth fans is the brand spanking new toasted marshmallow hot chocolate. And how about the gingerbread latte? Holy hell.


And, when it comes to nibbles, they're not letting fans of the traditional Starbucks Christmas sarnie down.


Along with that, there'll be a brie and cranberry focaccia and an all new vegan beetroot wrap. The purple-coloured wrap (really!) comes with butternut squash fritters, roasted red cabbage, and maple mustard mayonnaise.


In terms of the sweeter side of things, there will of course be the classic Yuletide treat of mince pies. For people who enjoy more contemporary flavours, there's caramel cupcakes, Christmas brownies, and an extra special Christmas bauble chocolate loaf cake.


Luckily for you, all of the above are available in store as we speak. So get yourself down to your nearest branch and fill up while you can.