Too Faced Is Launching An Entire Unicorn Collection So You Can Drown In Holo

The unicorn trend is alive and well. In fact, whimsy in general is in. From mermaid collections to novel-inspired products, beauty junkies seem to love a great fantastical item. Now, a full Too Faced unicorn collection could be coming fans' way. According to a post from beauty Instagram TrendMood, the brand appears to be developing an entire range of unicorn goods that aren't just its iconic Unicorn Tears lipstick.

Fans of the brand may remember that part of its holiday collection includes the Unicorn Survival Kit. Inside, fans will find a highlighter, and the two formulas (La Creme and Melted Latex) of the Unicorn Tears lippie. However, based on an image captured by TrendMood, there seems to be much more than a highlighter and lippie coming from the brand's unicorn-centric mind.

In the image, fans can make out what appears to be a setting spray, a new highlighter, a palette, three lipsticks, and what could be a gloss. Basically, it's a unicorn lovers dream, and it's coming to you IRL thanks to Too Faced. Of course, beauty junkies will already know that the brand is crafting Mermaid, Angel, and Fairy Tear lippies so the mystery of the three lippies is solved, but what about everything else in the photo?

In the back of the image, there is clearly what looks to be a spray, and while it is a bit unclear, Too Faced does have an Ethereal Setting Powder, and the word on the bottle looks quite a bit like "Ethereal." Plus, is there a better way to describe an otherworldly creature like a unicorn? I think not.

Then, there's the light blue compact that could be either a highlighter or blush, but it certainly seems to be part of the collection given that Melted Liquid Latex Unicorn Tears comes packaged in the same hue. There's also the palette, which raises a lot of questios. The half-moon shape is admittedly different for Too-Faced, but there's little doubt that there's a massive number of goodies inside. Of course, no one could miss the blue holo gloss. While an argument could be made that it's the Unicorn Tears Melted Latex, the shape is wrong for the bottle.

Too Faced

No details have emerged about the potential new collection, but the brand is clearly formulating a whimsical selection. However, there are a few connections fans can draw. As for the release date, the Tears lippies (Angel, Fairy, and Mermaid) won't be available until spring 2018. It's likely that the same is true of this entire collection given that the lippies are pictured.

If you can't stand to wait until spring of next year, however, rest easy. Not only is the Unicorn Tears lipstick available from Too Faced, but the Unicorn Survival Kit is also up for grabs this holiday season. Sadly, the kit is currently sold out on Too Faced's website. However, there is an option to sign up to be notified when the collection restocks. Plus, the La Creme lipstick and the Melted Latex lippie are both still up for grabs if you need your holo goodies now.

Of course, Too Faced isn't the only brand with unicorn products. A few months ago, Tarte released its unicorn makeup brushes as well as its Make Believe In Yourself Collection. If you love Instagram-hyped beauty, the Farsali Unicorn Essence serum is another choice. Basically, if you want a unicorn themed beauty product, you can probably get it.

Whether you're all about mermaid everything or can't get enough of unicorns, Too Faced is here for you. From lippies to highlighters to a potential new palette, the brand is cooking up something good. And it's only a matter of time until it's revealed.