This Pac-Man Makeup Collection Brings The '80s Video Game To Your Beauty Routine

Courtesy of Ulta

If you were a child of the '80s, there's a major makeup collection that will indulge your love of video games and nostalgia from that era. The Wet n Wild Pac-Man collection is an epic celebration of the iconic video game character, who quickly morphed into a pop culture phenom when he arrived on the scene. The game spawned plush stuffed animals, a cartoon, and tons of other branded merch. If you played the game daily or simply loved the culture surrounding Pac-Man, then this range is so for you. The set, which includes everything from lip gloss to blush to highlighters, provides you with all of the tools for a complete makeup look. The adventurous Pac-Man x Wet n Wild assortment is the most fun you will have with makeup this summer.

The entire set is currently on sale in a collectible box over at the Ulta site for $69.99. Wet n Wild is known for on-trend cosmetics offered at bargain prices. The same concept applies here, since there is a massive amount of product featured in the set. It's a $95 value so you are saving an additional $25 when you buy the whole shebang. Since there are 12 pieces in the full set, it shakes out to less than $6 per item. As of press time, the products are not available for individual purchase.

Allow Wet n Wild and Ulta to bring the majesty of the arcade to your makeup bag and to your face.

Here's everything that's included in the limited edition box, which you will very likely want to repurpose for storage or for decor since it's simply too cute to toss or recycle.

There's the Waka Waka Waka Eyeshadow Brush and the Game Over Color Palette. You also get four Ghost Glosses in Inky, Blinky, Pinky, or Clyde — those are named after Pac-Man's blue, red, pink, and orange nemeses. There's also the Bonus Fruit Lip Balm and Bonus Fruit Lip Scrub, as well. The Waka Waka Waka Powder Brush, High Score Blush Palette, Power Pellets Highlighter, and Power Pellets Bronzer round out the range.

Everything from the product names to the bold and bright shades, which offer maximum color payoff according to the product description on the Ulta site, are a delightful homage to Pac-Man. These products truly pop and can be used together or with other items in your stash. Ultimately, they will inspire you to create '80s-influenced or modern makeup looks.

Pac-Man's pixelated design might feel a bit crude when compared to the CGI advancements of the digital age where everything on screens both big and small looks incredibly life-like. However, the colors, characters, and energy of the game translate terrifically across this collection.

Beauty brands certainly understand the powerful connection that makeup lovers feel to the TV shows, movies, and video games of their youth. From the Sola Look Dirty Dancing, Saved by the Bell, and Beverly Hills, 90210 collections to the upcoming SpongeBob SquarePants range, there have been so many cool makeup products that remind will you of the pop culture people, places, and things that you loved while growing up. The Pac-Man x Wet n Wild set will be one of the best nostalgic beauty sets to grace your lips and lids this year.