This ‘Queer Eye’ Free Spirit Is Living His Best Post-Makeover Life — Off The Grid


Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 2, Episode 4. Getting made over by the men of Queer Eye is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event — they have their candidates whipped up and into shape in just one week. That’s some service right there. In Season 2, Episode 4 of Queer Eye, Jason goes from a Burning Man-obsessed handyman with a need to escape to a polished, Burning Man-obsessed handyman who finally has his life put in order. What's Jason doing after his Queer Eye experience, though?

When the Queer Eye team finds Jason, he's a bit of a mess. Well, not a mess, exactly, but he's unfocused. He says he wants to move to Reno, Nevada, from Atlanta, Georgia, because Georgia is too expensive and he wants to be closer to where the infamous Burning Man festival is held, because he loves to go. Burning Man is the thing Jason is most excited about in his life, so it makes sense that he wants to be where the action is. But does he really have to move away to shake up his life? According to his friends, no. As Jason’s pals tell the Fab Five, Jason never wants to work under “the man.” He doesn’t really like structure, and that’s why he drifts back and forth between so many things. Really, Jason admits later, he doesn’t want to fail, and if you don’t stick to anything, you can’t fail at all.


And that’s the crux of why Jason is fleeing Atlanta — he isn’t doing anything special and he doesn’t feel like he should stay. Luckily, the Queer Eye guys trim a little there, revamp a bit there, and make Jason into a whole new man, all while staying totally true to who he is. The most touching moment of the episode is when Jason’s friends are talking about him leaving Atlanta — Jason really has no idea just how much these people consider him to be family, and they truly do not want him to leave. It's a really sweet moment, made even sweeter when all of his friends confess their feelings directly to him. The party Jason has at the end of the episode is supposed to be a farewell party, but the post-script of the episode is a happy one — Jason ends up staying in Georgia, and, even better, he and his best friend Beth — who nominated him — turned from friends into an item. An epilogue that happy and surprising is the best way to end an episode.

As in most episodes of Queer Eye, Jason’s exterior transformation isn’t just about him looking good. It's about him feeling good and feeling worthy enough to put himself out there, both in love and in life. That whole bit about being afraid of failure is so relatable, because if you don’t invest in anything, you can’t lose anything. But you also miss out on a lot of life experiences. Jason loves Burning Man because it always represents a new beginning, but he never let himself have the beginning he deserved in Atlanta. The men of Queer Eye help him do that, and it's totally beautiful.


As for what Jason’s doing now, well, that’s a big question mark. He has no presence on social media or the Internet at large. It does make plenty of sense, given the fact that he presents himself as a boho, hippie, live-in-the-desert-alone type of guy in this episode. Being on social media is just not him.

It’s unfortunate for the rest of us, though, because it would be nice to check in and make sure that Jason and Beth are still happy and in love. Hopefully, the pair are still in Georgia together, and Jason is being his true (new and improved) self — Burning Man excursions and all.