Kenny Is Still Winning Hearts After 'The Bachelorette'

by Kayla Hawkins

If Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette has any one flaw, it's that she's so practical that most of the season's eliminations have been pretty predictable. One of the few surprises was when wrestler and single dad Kenny, was eliminated halfway through an episode. He wasn't the one for Rachel, but his fans are certainly wondering what Kenny King has been up to since The Bachelorette. Kenny may have headed home a little early, and didn't get the chance to take Rachel to his hometown or meet her family, but he certainly made a strong impression on the fans of the show. When Kenny was eliminated, some of those fans even started campaigning for Kenny as the next Bachelor. In a season with such stiff competition for the next Bachelor (Dean? Peter? Bryan? Whaboom?) it's possible that Kenny won't be chosen, but he's a good choice, and the show certainly owes him at least a flattering interview in the season's Men Tell All special after he remained largely patient with Lee's antics.

From the beginning it seemed like the deck was stacked against Kenny a little bit. While Rachel didn't seem to dislike him, she clearly clicked with other contestants more immediately, like Bryan and Peter — who are in Rachel's final three. But if you look at what Kenny's been doing since he left the show, it's clear that there's no hard feelings between this Bachelorette alum and the woman who broke his heart — and he's busy with plenty of things besides worrying about that relationship.

Of Course, He's Still A Dad

Some of Kenny's best moments on The Bachelorette were when he had emotional phone calls to his daughter. That's part of why Rachel sent him home, since it was so obvious that he just isn't the same without his daughter right by his side.

And He Reps For Bachelorette In The Ring

Kenny got to use his professional wrestling skills during one silly mud wrestling challenge on The Bachelorette, but when he's not on a reality dating show, he still can throw down in some real matches as well. And now, he can do so why representing the "Rose Boys."

He's Considering A Dietary Shift

Who among us has not watched a documentary and started giving everything sideye for a few weeks? Kenny is definitely still a regular, relatable guy, even after becoming a TV heartthrob for a few weeks.

No School Project Is Too Challenging

There's no way to end this list without at least one more Dadstagram, and this one is particularly fantastic. Kenzi's Hera costume is a grade-A dad material, and she has the exact same smile as Kenny.

He Knows What He's Looking For In His Next Relationship

It's not clear if Kenny is talking about a potential new relationship — that would certainly disappoint his legion of fans — or just thinking about what he's looking for in his next girlfriend.

He's Laughing At Himself

When The Bachelorette guys were conscripted into a romance-themed spelling bee, most of the suitors had a pretty poor showing, including Kenny, who was eliminated on the word "champagne." But even if he relies on spellcheck, he's certainly able to have a sense of humor about his modest spelling abilities, captioning this IG photo, "Ohhhhh that's how you spell it... #smartinreallife #dumbonTV."

He's Not Opposed To A Shirtless Selfie

If you thought that Kenny's constant shirtlessness on The Bachelorette was just Rachel's doing, you'd be wrong. He's still totally comfortable showing off — consider it a gift to his fans.

So there it is: Kenny King is the same affable dad with a sense of humor that he was on The Bachelorette. It seems like he's right back to the same life he left to go on TV, but he's now sharing it with the world.