Why Kevin From 'The Bachelor Winter Games' Is Even More Amazing IRL

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Things are getting pretty hot and heavy on The Bachelor Winter Games, But if things ever get too hot, there's a cast member who can handle the heat — literally. That's right, The Bachelor Winter Games star Kevin’s job is being a firefighter. But that’s not the only job this contestant has had through the years.

Thirty-three-year-old Kevin Wendt is from Waterloo, Ontario, and was originally a contestant on The Bachelorette Canada. According to his bio from that show, not only is he a Toronto-based firefighter, but he also served in the Navy. Although it doesn’t specifically say what his specialization was while he was in the service, the bio does say that “He has put himself in many dangerous situations over the years, always with the goal of helping others.” Whether serving his country or saving people from fires, Kevin seems like a genuinely selfless person.

Despite having a successful career in the Canadian Navy and then as a firefighter, Kevin's experience in the love department during his time on Season 1 of The Bachelorette Canada didn't go as smoothly. While he did end up winning that season, he and Bachelorette Jasmine Lorimer did not stay together. The pair ended up splitting up five months after their finale episode aired back in 2016. Following the breakup, Jasmine announced their seemingly mutual decision in an Instagram post. “Our differences and the physical distance have taken a toll on us and a couple of months ago, we decided to end our relationship and take some time to work on ourselves individually,” she wrote. “There are no hard feelings between the two of us. Kevin is a fantastic person with a huge heart and holds so many incredible qualities.” Those incredible qualities she references aren’t just her opinion, either. So far on The Bachelor Winter Games, Kevin has been spoiled for choice, as multiple women have shown interest in him.

Both of his romantic interests are Americans: While Episode 1 saw him win a date card and ask out Bibiana (who first appeared during The Bachelor Season 22), he broke up with her in Episode 2 to pursue a relationship with none other than Ashley I. (who first appeared on The Bachelor during Season 19). And while some might be skeptical that their connection will last, there are already some clues that they might still be together. There are photos on both Ashley I.'s and Kevin’s Instagram accounts of the pair. And while photos together don’t necessarily suggest that the two have remained together, it seems that there are no hard feelings or bad blood between the couple, or between Ashley I. and Bibiana, which is a good sign.

Theres also a bit more evidence: ET Canada reported that the two had a Valentine's Day date, and even provided photos of Kevin bringing a number of gifts including flowers and a balloon to Ashley I.'s home. So despite being sneaky on social media, these two certainly appear to be dating.

Ashley I. herself has hinted at the potentially positive outcome. In speaking to TV Guide, she said that unlike all of her previous experiences, there will be positive cries during her appearance this season. “Everybody was joking before the games started that my tears were gonna freeze to my cheeks, because there were nights where it was seven degrees and that's without wind chill factored in,” she said. “I think I'm going to surprise you guys … There's a couple happy tears in there.”

So while Ashley I. and Kevin may be together, that doesn't change just how much viewers are into the Canadian bachelor. While he may not have his own month in some fireman’s calendar (or who knows, maybe he does), he clearly has won over the hearts of many.