How The Fab Five Solidified This ‘Queer Eye’ Hero’s Cool Dad Status


Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 2, Episode 7. Leo is just a big ball of love in the third episode of Queer Eye Season 2, and it's impossible not to root for him to come away from the makeover a more confident version of himself. In the end, it sure seems like he succeeded, and that his family will be all the stronger for it. So, where is Leo from Queer Eye Season 2 now?

It's difficult to say, as it appears that this dad lays low on social media. I wasn't able to find him after some searching on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but he seems in the episode like he has his hands full with family life, so it's understandable if he's a little unplugged. (Or perhaps he uses social media somewhat anonymously.) Regardless, it's clear that the Fab Five leave him with a newfound confidence. The episode ends with Leo schmoozing with the parents and teachers at his kids' school — something he was extremely wary of doing before Queer Eye.

Leo steals hearts as soon as he appears onscreen. The husband and father of two works hard as a bartender, where he seems to be charismatic and well-liked. But he says he's never had the confidence to dress up and rub elbows with other fathers his age. He heartbreakingly lets on early in the episode that he felt people judging him or dismissing him when they looked at him. But once Karamo, Tan, Jonathan, Bobby and Antoni give him a confidence boost, he seems like a whole new man.

Finishing the episode armed with a lilac-threaded blazer which Tan deemed "beautiful," a new pair of slim fit jeans, and a trusty pair of sharp boots, Leo looks ready to take on the world. His house is, too. Bobby completely transforms his home, which was laden with a zillion kids' toys and had nowhere near enough storage space. After the redecoration, Leo's home finally feels like a grown-up house that's also fit for children. He isn't just a loving dad anymore — he's a loving dad who's also trendy as hell and super organized.

And if anyone deserved the star treatment and a badass transformation, it was Leo. It's obvious watching them together — and the way he talks about them while they're not in the room — how much he cares for his family. A couple of times, he gets emotional at even the slightest mention of his children or wife. He wants to make a good impression on their teachers and the other children's parents in order to please his family, but he also wants a circle of dads he could hang out with and talk to.

Just before the end credits roll, Leo is bantering and laughing with plenty of the other guys in the room at the parent/teacher mixer, so it'd be no surprise if he came away from the experience with a few new BFFs. They can share experiences and connect, which is what Karamo really wanted for him.

Leo really epitomizes how the guys of Queer Eye are able to do something very specific for each individual person they encounter. They incorporate Leo's personality into the glo-up. He likes shirts with logos, so they upgrade him to a fun patterned button-up. He wants an adult home that's still family friendly, so they include plenty of storage for toys and kids books.

Leo at the end of his transformation doesn't look like a different person he's the best version of himself. That's the goal. "I don’t want to give you some experience on camera that makes no sense for you, because why would you do that for the sake of a transformation?" Jonathan told Vulture earlier this year. "I don’t want to do transformations on people for the sake of a visual. I want to do it because it makes sense."

And though he seems to be living his post-makeover life privately, fans can feel pretty confident that the advice the Fab Five gave Leo will continue to make sense to him and the people he loves.