Why Callie Torres From 'Grey's Anatomy' Is Even Cooler Than Her Character IRL


Grey's Anatomy has reached an incredible milestone, with Thursday Nov. 9 marking its 300th episode. It has truly been a lifetime with these Seattle-based characters, and the big episode is already being cited as a nostalgic love letter to those us fans have been with for all these years. It's also a good time to reflect on those crucial cast members who are no longer with the series. What has Sara Ramirez been doing since Grey's Anatomy? She certainly hasn't stayed out of the spotlight.

Ramirez played Callie Torres for 10 years on the ABC drama, making her the longest-running queer character in television history with 240 episodes. The actor publicly came out as bisexual herself in October 2016. Callie first appeared as an orthopedic resident with a frightening affinity for breaking bones. She married and divorced both George and Arizona, and over the course of the series had relationships with Mark Sloan, Erica Hahn, Alex Karev once because who hasn't, and ultimately a surgical resident name Penelope Blake. By some miracle, Callie left the series without getting killed off. She and Penny just moved to New York in the Season 12 finale, safe and sound.

It's actually only been about a year and a half since Ramirez was on Grey's, and one can only do so much in a year, but the actor and performer has certainly been keeping busy. Here's what she's been up to since 2016.

Being An Activist

Aren't we all in 2017, but Ramirez has really been doing some amazing work. An LGBTQ rights activist, she works with the True Colors Fund, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, the Bisexual Organizing Project, NDLON, Mujerez De Maiz, The Task Force, and various LGBTQ centers in the United States. Her social media accounts are also full of various progressive resources and posts.

Being A Singer

Ramirez has yet to return to Broadway since her Tony award-winning turn in Spamalot back in 2005, which is a shame, because she has the most incredible voice. She also hasn't released any albums recently or anything, but did sing at a TED event (above) that she hosted.

Loving Hamilton

Remember that time that instead of celebs throwing ice on each other, they sang Lin-Manuel Miranda jams? The "Ham4All" campaign was a good part of summer, and Ramirez was right there with all the rest of us.

Rocking Out

Ramirez also appears in this killer music video from Molly Lambert alongside other LGBTQ activists and figures. She's not singing, but it's still super cool.

Stopping By Madam Secretary

Since Grey's, Ramirez has appeared regularly on the Disney animated series Sofia The First as Queen Miranda. She also recently joined Madam Secretary as a series regular. According to Entertainment Weekly, her character Kat Sandoval is a talented political strategist who left politics and has to be persuaded back into Washington.


Finally, since leaving Grey's Anatomy Ramirez has produced several films, including the coming-of-age drama Loserville and two documentaries. The first, In Daniel's Shoes, is a ten minute short about homeless LGBTQ youth. The second was just released on Netflix — The Death And Life Of Marsha P. Johnson, about a Stonewall riot veteran and black transgender activist who was mysteriously found dead in 1992.

So, while we may not see Callie Torres cracking tibias on Grey's Anatomy any time soon, Ramirez is still out there, and the character's legacy is deeply felt. 240 episodes is an incredible feat, and with these new projects it seems like Ramirez is just getting started with her work in the LGBTQ field.