This Month’s Full Moon Has The BEST Name

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Though I'd easily argue that every full moon is an event worth getting outside for, April's full moon is spectacular for a few reasons. With spring officially budding, you might have noticed that the scenery is changing drastically, and though last month's full moon was the first ~official~ spring moon, April's full moon is the first spring moon ~in bloom~. The April 2019 full moon is called the "pink moon" for a beautiful reason, and you'll want to mark April 19 in your calendar because you won't want to miss it. In fact, you'll want to plan a lunar picnic and make a night out of it because being able to spend time outside without freezing is a totally luxury.

Every full moon has another name that was given to it by Native American tribes centuries ago. For example, June's full moon was nicknamed the "strawberry moon," as it generally shined during the start of strawberry season. It was at that point in the year that the berries were ripe, and if they were not collected promptly, animals would get to them. Similarly, the August full moon was nicknamed the "sturgeon moon," as Algonquin tribes would head to the lakes and fish for sturgeon during this peak time of the summer to catch them. It was in August when their chances of catching the fish were greatest. The "cold moon" in December? You guessed it: It was real cold outside in December, so this moon was named after the frosty weather expected during winter.

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As for the April full moon's name — which, again, is "pink moon," aka probably the cutest full moon name there is — it also has a reason behind it. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the pink moon was named after the ground phlox, a type of pink flower that was native to the eastern parts of the U.S. and that became ubiquitous in the early spring. Once the vibrant flowers started to bloom, it was an indicator that spring was officially in full swing. You might also know it as the Creeping Phlox, as it's a super common garden flower that people like to plant at home because it attracts butterflies. The flowers range from light pink to a deeper purple color, but are vibrant in any range.

Unfortunately the moon won't take on a pink appearance despite its name, but if you're outside to view it and in the eastern U.S., you might notice that your surroundings are pink instead — which is good enough right? So head outside on April 18 at about 8 p.m. ET and watch the April full moon rise in the sky, or get up super early on April 19 and enjoy the sight of the full pink moon while it remains. If you're looking for some extra encouragement to get up early on April 19, according to, before the full moon sets, Mercury and Venus will be visible above the eastern horizon just before the sunrise. To celebrate the pink moon that isn't pink, I suggest a glass of rose or strawberry lemonade and full moon meditation to get your mind and body in line for the next lunar cycle and season ahead.