This Is The Dating App With The Most Mentions In The 'Weddings' Section Of The 'New York Times'

by Natalia Lusinski
BDG Media, Inc.

When it comes to dating apps, it can get confusing knowing which ones to use. After all, you can basically find whatever you're looking for — hookups, friends with benefits, casual dating, long-term relationships, marriage, you name it. And if you're looking for something serious, Hinge just revealed that their app was the most mentioned in the New York Times' "Weddings" section in 2017 out of the handful they explored. To get this info, Hinge searched for mentions of their app, along with mentions of other popular dating apps, including Bumble, Happn, Tinder, etc. in the "Weddings" section of the New York Times to see how they matched up. Keep in mind that this data is based on Hinge's research, and additional popular dating platforms — like Match, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and others — were not included in the findings/results below.

"We were thrilled, but not surprised, to see that Hinge was the most mentioned dating app in the New York Times 'Weddings' section this year," Jean-Marie McGrath, Director of Communications at Hinge, tells Bustle. "A year ago, we rebuilt and redesigned Hinge to help singles find real, meaningful matches through their friends, and it's working. We don't have any gimmicks, games, timers, or rules. We simply allow people to share their true selves, through photos, videos, and personality-revealing quotes, and find unique connections with others who are on the same page."

Like McGrath says, ICYMI, Hinge revamped their app in October 2016 and became a "relationship app." For instance, they replaced swiping with a feature where you can "discover" profiles — and these people are based on your preferences and behavior on the app. Then, you like or comment on someone's photo, if you'd like, or their answer to a Hinge question, such as, "Your first AOL screenname." Next, you two can begin talking if both of you agree to do so. Easy, efficient, and, as Hinge just discovered with their "Weddings" section investigating, their new formula is working.

Here's the DL on how Hinge and four other dating apps did in the "Weddings" section based on Hinge's findings, so you may want to make room on your phone to download some or all of these if you're looking for something serious, too. And of course, not everyone who uses dating apps announces their engagement in the New York Times, so Hinge's list below of the top five doesn't mean that you can't find marriage on other sites or apps.


Hinge: 32 Times

When you look up "Hinge" in the New York Times' "Weddings" section, for 2017, you'll find that it's mentioned 32 times when it comes to how couples met. Of course, you and I all know that not everyone admits that they met their significant other on a dating app, so I'm betting this number, as well as the ones below, are even higher.

Get Hinge here.


Tinder: 19 Times

Tinder came in second place in the New York Times' "Weddings" section, with 19 couples meeting through the app. Personally, I've had some wonderful boyfriends from Tinder, and in L.A. of all places, which is not an easy city to date in — one even stood up from his chair on our first date when I excused myself to go use the bathroom.

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Coffee Meets Bagel: 14 Times

Coffee Meets Bagel came in third place with 14 mentions. CMB limits the number of potential matches per day. As a result, I think users take their matches more seriously since they don't have an endless sea of options, some of whom may be easily dismissed.

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Bumble: 6 Times

Bumble came in fourth place with six shout-outs in the New York Times' "Weddings" section, and this one surprised me. I know so many people, men and women, who love Bumble, particularly since the woman has to message the guy first — in heterosexual pairings, at least — which takes pressure off the guy. Yes, I am a bit biased — I met my last boyfriend on Bumble (and Happn), and we dated a year. Perhaps "Weddings" Bumble mentions will go up next year…

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Happn: 2 Times

Happn came in fifth place with two mentions. Since Happn uses geotracking, so you can see where you and a potential match — or your future husband or wife — walked by you, it's a very effective way to meet someone. After all, if your paths crossed in an indie bookstore on a Saturday afternoon, it could imply you both have an affinity for spending time there on weekends. And common interests are good, right?

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Hinge created this easy-to-read chart, too, with all the results.


Since relationship experts say that dating is a numbers game, it couldn't hurt to test-drive each app and see which one works for you. If you want to look at all the "Weddings" mentions, and not just about the dating apps above, you can check out Wedding Crunchers, a website designed to monitor the New York Times' wedding mentions. Who knows? Someday, you may have your own "Weddings" announcement mentioning one of the above dating apps.