These Theories About The Man In Black’s New ‘Westworld’ Game Are So Convincing


One episode in, and Season 2 of Westworld has already introduced a series of new mysteries for the show's audience to grapple with. The new season asks questions like, "Who flooded the valley?" and "What is Delos doing with guest's DNA?" but the biggest mystery is related to a mysterious door the Man In Black hears about from a host. Getting to the bottom of the "Door" in Westworld will be no easy task, especially when it's not clear what William is really looking for.

Season 1 of Westworld spun the stories of many different characters with many different objectives — human and host alike — but not character was as determined to achieve their goals as the Man In Black. He traversed the park for decades in search of "the Maze" — one final Easter egg that would mean that he had reached the end and fully conquered what he deemed a game. No matter how many times The Man In Black was told that the Maze was not meant for him, he disregarded those cautions and continued his search. Eventually he discovered that the Maze really had nothing to offer, but he hasn't given up reaching for more.

In Season 2, the Man In Black begins to pursue a new goal: the Door. It's a new game that he has decided he's meant to conquer, but it's not yet clear what exactly he's looking for or where this Door leads. Here are a few theories to consider as the season unravels:

A Door Leading The Hosts To The Outside World

Season 1 was all about realizing Ford's intentions of making hosts a kind of upgraded humanity, so much that he programmed Maeve to leave the park and head to the outside world. While Maeve disobeyed these orders, the Man In Black may prove easier to manipulate. Whatever game the Man In Black is playing could open a literal door that leads from the park to the real world. And out there, the hosts will likely be indistinguishable from humans — just as Bernard is, to most.

A Door To The Controls Of Westworld

Aside from perhaps Robert Ford himself, there is no one who loves Westworld as much as the Man In Black. In a twist that would be reminiscent of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory or Ready Player One, whoever walks through Robert Ford's door may find themselves in his former position — running Westworld. Besides, what else is there to do after beating the game but to try and control it?


When fans met the Man In Black in Westworld Season 1, he would often gripe about how none of the stakes in Westworld are real — how everything is artificial. Now that all the rules have been thrown out the window and people can actually be killed in the park, the game finally has consequences. The Door that Robert Ford speaks of may not be a literal door, but a figurative door that represents crossing over into death. Just as there is no winning life, there may be no true way to win Westworld.


The machinations of Delos, in particular Charlotte Hale, are still a mystery but it's likely that the company that owns Westworld is looking to use host technology for their own means. Ford's Door may lead to an opportunity for the Man In Black to make himself into a host — similarly to how Ford was able to recreate Arnold by making Bernard — and could possibly be the reason that Delos is storing their guests' DNA. If the Door doesn't offer immortality, it may still clue the Man In Black into what Delos' plans are, which he may want to stop if he's hoping to protect Westworld.


When dealing with a show that expertly rickrolled its entire audience, it's always safe to assume that a mystery may turn out to be nothing at all. The Man In Black has been burned once by by the anticlimax of the Maze, so why would the Door be any different?

Only time, or dedicated websleuths, will reveal what's really behind that door. Oddly enough, the Westworld probably care more about that knowledge than the Man In Black does. All he wants to do is conquer it.