All Of The Sneaky Clues You Probably Missed In The ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Trailer

John P. Johnson/HBO

The marketing strategy for Westworld is almost as riddled with hints as the actual show itself. If you don't have time to follow every trail that HBO has left, however, there are still enough clues in the Westworld Season 2 trailer to occupy your mind for hours. The series returns on Sunday, April 22 and considering the twists that occurred in Season 1, you can expect bigger shocks in Season 2. Knowing just how tricky Westworld is, overanalyzing every moment in the Season 2 trailer is not only called for — but it may prematurely solve some of the show's biggest mysteries.

HBO has released a number of previews for Season 2 of Westworld — and within them, there are Easter eggs that lead to more previews and even official Delos websites. All of this information is fascinating, but it can, frankly, be pretty overwhelming. So this article will focus solely on the full official trailer released on March 29, which is filled with follow-ups on Season 1's biggest reveals. Like how Jeffrey Wright plays both the android Bernard and Westworld creator Arnold. And that Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores has a long and violent relationship with her own self-awareness. And that Jimmi Simpson's William is really Ed Harris' Man in Black from the past. The fact that Westworld jumps from the past to the present without explicitly informing the audience comes in particularly handy while watching the Season 2 trailer.

The trailer is set to an orchestral cover of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" (which in itself could be used for clues if you choose to interpret the lyrics). But some overarching themes you can pick up on easily is that Dolores is waging war against the host's creators, the Man in Black is looking to destroy Westworld, and Thandie Newton's Maeve is still on a journey to find her daughter. As for Hopkins — well, Ford is nowhere to be found in the trailer, but that doesn't mean that the presumed dead creator won't appear sometime in Season 2.

But there are so many more details to uncover in this action-packed preview. So here are 16 other clues about Westworld Season 2 that the trailer provides.


No Mercy For The Hosts


The trailer begins with Bernard's body washed up on a shore. Whether he's dreaming or this is one of his fates is unclear. But another shot shows Bernard looking out on a body of water where (presumably) a bunch of hosts have drowned. So if you optimistically thought Delos would show mercy to their creations in Season 2, it doesn't appear that way.


The Aftermath Of The Delos Party


Sometimes a new season means a time jump. And while there will most certainly be lots of timeline jumps, the fallout from Dolores' rebellion during the Delos party won't be skipped over. Dead bodies are on the ground in Escalante near the White Church as Bernard and Delos security make their way through.


A New Delos Employee Is Introduced


Speaking of how Delos will handle Dolores' killing spree, a new character is brought in to help manage things. Gustaf Skarsgård plays Karl Strand and told Entertainment Tonight that his character is "an ex-military, white collar guy who works for the corporation."


Dolores Is The Boss


As revealed in the Season 1 finale, Dolores and Wyatt ended up being one in the same. And while she shot herself when she killed Arnold, that wasn't the case after she shot Ford. In the trailer, she leads a group of hosts as they terrorize the guests of Westworld. She seems to be discovering other areas of the world too; she's in a library perusing books at the 40-second mark. But Dolores' narrative won't be limited to just leading an uprising in Westworld. At 2:08, she's out of her frontier clothes looking out on a skyline. What timeline she's in or where she is located (is it a real city or another Delos world?) is unclear, but expect to see Dolores more in charge in Season 2 — and in more locations.


Dolores Tries To Convert Bernard


The moments where you see Wood and Wright interacting are slightly confusing since sometimes he is Bernard, a fellow host. And sometimes he is Arnold in the past, the creator who recognized that Dolores was gaining consciousness. But when Dolores is talking to Bernard (you can tell she's Dolores in the present when she has the ammunition around her), she is trying to convince corporate stooge Bernard to join her rebellion against their makers. One of the last shots in the trailer is of Wright shooting a gun, so perhaps it's Bernard going after the humans.


The Man In Black Has A Mysterious Host Companion


Season 1 of Westworld was entitled "The Maze" and Entertainment Weekly reported that Season 2 is called "The Door." Harris' Man in Black was consumed by the maze in Season 1 and based on the shots of doors in the Season 2 trailer, perhaps the season's title has to do with his journey again. But the Man in Black is not alone since he addresses an unseen host in the trailer. "Up until this point, the stakes were never real. But now, you and the rest of your kind are free," he says. But who is the Man in Black talking to? And no matter if it has anything to do with a door, he seems content to destroy Westworld from the inside out.


Young William Is Still Captivated By Dolores ...


Simpson's William can be seen approaching a naked Dolores in the Delos lab. And yes, he's wearing black, which could mean this scene occurs after his first time in the park and that he's on his way to becoming the evil Man in Black. Then, at 2:10, Dolores is wearing the white dress that female hosts wear outside of the worlds to great guests. A blonde man approaches her, so this could be young William again — perhaps at a Delos event introducing the park. And while it's nearly impossible to make out who it is, there is a brief glimpse of two people kissing at 1:49 ... and it doesn't seem out of the question that it could be Dolores and William.


... So Is Teddy


But William isn't the only one who is drawn in by Dolores. Poor Teddy is still by her side as she goes on her rampage. At 2:09, it even looks like Teddy might be pointing a gun at William outside of Westworld.


Robert Ford's Child Host Returns


The young boy host, who was revealed in Season 1 to be a host version of Ford as a child, looks like he has been shot in the face in the trailer. A man is riding away on a horse — and it could very well be the Man in Black. If so, the Man in Black is still targeting Ford (even in presumed death) possibly as he searches for "the door."


Maeve & Hector Are Allies Again


In the Delos lab in the real world, Maeve is shown stitching up Rodrigo Santoro's Hector. She had killed them in the Westworld narrative to get them to escape their stories and take Delos down from the inside. And it seems she'll recruit him again for Season 2.


What Happened To Logan Is Revealed


When the Ghost Nation warrior appears at 1:38, you briefly see him looking at a naked man propped up against a tree. William's future brother-in-law Logan (Ben Barnes) was last shown when William sent him off on a horse naked. So Season 2 may show a defeated, yet vengeful, Logan.


There's More Delos Background


Speaking of Logan, he also appears (looking far healthier) standing by a pool in the real world. An older man is walking away from him. That actor is Peter Mullan and Entertainment Weekly reported that he will be portraying James Delos — the founder of the theme park. TV Guide noted that James is the father of Logan and Juliet (William's fiancée) and the father and son don't look like they're getting along here. Maybe Logan sees the light after his traumatic time in Westworld and tries to convince his father to shut the park down.


Dolores & Maeve Don't See Eye To Eye


Another pair of people not getting along are Dolores and Maeve. While it's thrilling to see these two character unite, Maeve says to Dolores, "Revenge is just a different prayer at their altar, darling." Based on that quote, Maeve doesn't seem to approve of Dolores' rebellion and has a different plan to bring down Delos.


New Hosts


Not satisfied with their creations so far, Delos has made other creepy, white robots — who seem particularly violent. As showrunner Jonathan Nolan told Entertainment Weekly, these are called "drone hosts." Nolan said, "The drone hosts relate to the corporation's secret project which is hidden in plain sight in this park." He also revealed that Bernard is going to discover these sinister creations, so perhaps that will make him come over to Dolores' side.


Returning Characters


Angela Sarafyan's Clementine is spotted standing by Dolores' side during her uprisings, later she's chased by Delos employees in the desert. Talulah Riley's Angela also returns and is probably part of Dolores' rebellions too. She appears again in the trailer in bed with a man (possibly Logan?), presumably in the past.

Of the Delos employees, Luke Hemsworth's Ashley and Tessa Thompson's Charlotte return. Charlotte is particularly one to look out for since she definitely seems up to something — like when she's shown hanging out with a number of inactive Bernard hosts.


Maeve Is In Shogun World


Season 1 revealed there were other worlds other than Westworld in Delos' theme parks. Maeve will make her way to the Japanese-themed Shogun World. Perhaps Maeve journeys there after a failed attempt to reunite with her daughter in Westworld. But whatever the reason, fans will definitely get to see another Delos world in Season 2.

There are even more moments in the Season 2 trailer that are worth dissecting, but these 16 clues cover what should be most of the major plots. And be sure to check out this ad for Delos that TheWrap reported could be found within the trailer to fuel even more of your Westworld theories before the Season 2 premiere.