Tom Felton Just Nailed The Teapot Challenge (Kind Of) – Here's How To Take Part

If you're still agonising over how to make whipped coffee, it's time to move on, guys. The teapot challenge is the latest video craze sweeping our self-isolating nation, and all you need is a tennis ball and very good reflexes.

The concept behind the teapot challenge is fairly simple in theory, but decidedly difficult in practice. So what you do is stand like a teapot (i.e. one hand on your hip like a handle and the other sticking out like a spout), and in your "spout: hand, you hold a tennis ball. Right, OK, fair enough. It's pretty easy so fair. But this is where things get interesting. The challenge is to chuck the ball in the air and spin around so it goes through the handle arm. Which is actually a lot harder than it sounds.

The teapot challenge is gaining momentum on Instagram thanks in part to former McFly singer Tom Fletcher. Fletcher's #teapotchallenge went out via his own account and he's even roped some familiar faces into taking part as well.

Fletcher's wife Giovanna, who's a writer and blogger, took up the challenge. Emilia Jones, star of Netflix' Locke & Key also gave it a go, getting that ball through her handle first time.

Fletcher's bandmate Harry Judd also failed first time round, being super honest about his attempt but TBH the stan award goes to the one and only Tom Felton. Sorry, I should have warned you before mentioning Felton, I know his presence can overwhelm some.

He chose to use a little teddy instead of a ball and he failed. Look it's OK babe, we still love you.

So why not go and grab a tennis ball and try the #teapotchallenge. It's not like you're busy.