ABH's New Lipstick Shades Are Heartbreakers

Dr-ama: You may have noticed a makeup teaser/thriller movie on your feed this week, when Anastasia Beverly Hills released basically a "Batman" trailer gone Sephora. Cast in shadows while Nirvana's "Come as You Are" plays moodily in the background, it definitely heightened the suspense for ABH's new launch: Six brand spankin' new liquid lipsticks are on their way to the ABH line, and the colors are a fitting mix of unpredictable and expected. Anastasia Beverly Hills' new liquid lipsticks are coming out on Valentine's Day, and they were made for anyone thoroughly over the holiday's standard color scheme.

Medium-dark pastel purple Clover and forest green Requiem are a breath of fresh air in the pink/red/berry crowd, and liven up the collection's accompanying hues. Which, to be fair, are pinks and reds — but *now* feel new and exciting with the contrast.

Dark red Currant, mauve-y pink Poet, vibrant blue-red Tulip and terracotta pink Dazed round out the additions for a "V-Day with a twist" bunch, as befitting the Nirvana clue. It's a smart move for the never-typical brand (example A, their Moon Child highlighting palette), and whether you're feeling classic or counterculture this year, the scheme of six has something for you.

According to the brand's caption, swatches will be coming soon.

Until then, here's what everyone else is doing for Valentine's Day.

Sugarpill is playing to cat lovers with their Feline Fancy Valentine's collection, featuring a copper-brushed oxblood liquid lipstick and cheek palette.

OFRA is going for the classic Valentine's colors, themed around romantic destinations.

And you may have heard of something happening over at Kylie Cosmetics, IDK. That's what we know — but as for ABH's swatches, stay tuned.