When Are Makeup Geek's Showstopper Creme Lip Stains Coming Out? This Is What We Know About The Mattes

Matte is where it's at, where it's been at, and where it shall remain... at least when it comes to dominant lip trends in 2017. Makeup Geek teased a brand new lip product, using the black and white social media filter to obscure the actual shades. So what do we know about Makeup Geek's latest lip collection? When is it out? While we can't see the shades just yet, the brand did reveal quite a few details in the caption.

Makeup Geek's new Showstopper Creme Lip Stains are coming soon. There will be 18 shades in the matte finish, since that lip trend is sticking around (and to your lips) for the foreseeable future.

Judging from the Insta pic, there is a variety of light and dark shades in the range. But that's pretty much all we know for now.

Some followers asked in the comment section of the post if these are "just stains" or liquid lipsticks. The brand did suggest that fans pay attention for more sneak peeks coming soon.

Hopefully, Makeup Geek will lift the veil of the greyed out filter and show us the hues ASAP. The brand's repertoire of products often boasts killer pigmentation and texture. So I expect the same for these lippies.

Bustle reached out to Makeup Geek reps for further details.

The photos don't offer too much elucidation or enlightenment, although one commenter noted these look similar to Marc Jacobs Beauty lippies. The caption certainly provides vital intel. It's good to know that there will be plenty of shades to choose from and the finish will be smooth and matte. All. Good. Things.

Images: Makeup Geek/Instagram (1)