The Perfect Time To Swipe Is Basically Right This Very Second

by Laken Howard

Thanks to all the flakes, ghosts, and general a-holes, dating apps have gotten a bit of bad rap — but despite the crappy behavior of some people, dating apps are still an excellent tool for meeting a potential partner. If you're single and looking for love, there's no shame in trying out online dating, especially since new data shows that late summer (aka right now!) is the best time of year for online dating.

AskMen paired up with online dating site Zoosk to figure out when online daters are most active in their search for love, and they found that apart from October (aka the start of cuffing season), July and August were the best months to be dating online. Maybe it's because we're all looking for someone to help us end the summer on a high note, or maybe it's simply because we're all hornier during the summer months. Either way, it's clear that summertime spells romance for a lot of online daters.

If you needed one final push to convince you to download (or redownload) some dating apps, here are six stats that prove late summer is the best time to get back in the saddle and give online dating another shot.


Zoosk Users Are Most Active In July & August

After analyzing data from their 40 million users, Zoosk found that online daters were 21 percent more active in July and August than they were in the early summer months of May and June. And the more active users are, the more likely it is that you'll meet someone you hit it off with!


More Convos Are Initiated In Late Summer

Compared to other times of year, people initiated 17 percent more conversations on Zoosk during late summer. Hey, it makes sense — hanging poolside or beachside can get lonely after a while.


Women Have More Interactions Online

If you're interested in women, make sure your dating profile is ready to go by August: Zoosk found that August is the second-most interactive month for women on dating sites, right after October (when we're all looking frantically for someone to snuggle up with during the winter).


Women Respond To Messages More Often

If you feel like women you reach out to on dating apps never message you back, late summer might be a game-changer: the women of Zoosk respond to messages ten percent more during August than any other month.


More Women Sign Up For Dating Sites

Similarly, if you feel limited by the amount of women on dating apps near you, August might be the best time to refresh your search. Compared to other months, women sign up for dating sites six percent more in August.


Users Send More Messages

Zoosk users send 21 percent more messages during July and August than they do other times of year, which means you can dust the cobwebs off your online dating inbox (finally).

Although this data is a glimpse into the behavior of Zoosk users in particular, there's no harm in assuming that users of other dating apps might also be more active during late summer — so use this as motivation to get out of your dating comfort zone as summer winds down!