Here's Where Everyone's ~Doing It~ This Summer


It's officially summer, and that can mean only one thing: 'tis the season for steamy summer sex! It's a no-brainer that hookups get hotter under the summer sun — even if you're *technically* stuck in the office, your brain is likely in vacation mode (and who can blame you?). But what exactly is it about summer that gets us all in the mood?

"Sex and the summer [go] hand in hand," Stef Safran, owner of Chicago-based matchmaking service Stef and the City, tells Bustle. "Whether you head out on a real vacation or just do a staycation this summer, when you feel relaxed [and] the sun is out, sex is easily something that is on everyone's agenda."

According to a new survey of 2,000 people by online sex toy retailer Lovehoney, July is *the* hottest month for sex: almost a quarter of couples surveyed said they enjoyed the most sex in July compared to any other month. The second most sex-filled month for couples was August — 22 percent of couples said they got it on most often in August — which is further proof that the summer months are the steamiest and sexiest. This trend could be explained by all the vacation sex couples are having: 62 percent of those surveyed said they have more sex on vacation than when they're at home, and more than a third of couples (67 percent) take a sex toy on vacation.

So that leaves just one important question: what are the best spots for summer sex? Here are the top 10 places people are getting it on this summer.


On The Beach

Of course the beach is the number one spot for hot summer sex: 57 percent of those surveyed said they'd had sex on the beach. Just make sure you put a towel down, because sand in your junk is *not* hot.


Somewhere With Beautiful Scenery

A beauty spot — which Google tells me is "any place known for its beautiful scenery" — was the second most popular choice for couples having sex while on holiday. Of those surveyed, 37 percent said they'd gotten it on at a known beauty spot while on vacay.


In A Field

Sure, grass can be a little itchy, but if you're like 31 percent of those surveyed, that won't stop you from getting frisky in a field. Bonus points if it's a gorgeous field full of wildflowers.


In A Park

Apparently, you should start packing condoms in your picnic basket. 28 percent of couples said they'd had sex in a park of some kind — if you want to follow their lead, just make sure you don't get caught!


In A Pool

If you can't hop on a plane and have sex on the beach, a pool is an equally wet substitute. Of those surveyed, 24 percent said they'd had sex in a pool... though hopefully it was their own and not a public pool — yuck.


Next To A Lake/River

If chlorine isn't an aphrodisiac for you, having sex in a secluded spot near a lake or river might just do the trick. Twenty-two percent of people said they'd done the deed lakeside, but you can take it one step further and go in the water if you're feeling bold (and don't have a fish phobia).


In The Sea

Even though more than half of those surveyed had had sex *on* the beach, only 18 percent said they'd taken things into the ocean for a romp. But that might be for the better: I'd imagine a jellyfish sting to the genitals would be a real mood-killer.


In An Airplane Bathroom

If you're going on a romantic getaway, why wait until you arrive at your destination to spice things up? As long as you're not worried about what your fellow passengers might think (because let's be real — they'll know), join the 14 percent of those surveyed who've gotten it on in an airplane bathroom.


On A Hotel/Apartment Balcony

Balconies are pretty much a godsend if you're into semi-public (but mostly) private sex. Thirteen percent of people said they'd had sex on the balcony of a hotel or apartment — but it's a good idea to do it under cover of night, just to be safe.


At A Nightclub

Talk about some seriously risky business: 12 percent of those surveyed said they'd had sex in a nightclub. I guess they just couldn't wait until they got home?

No matter your choice of venue, summer is the perfect time to take your sex life to the next level. Even if you're not able to sneak away for a romantic vacation, you can block out some time with your partner to try some sexy new positions this summer season.