Urban Decay Liquid Highlighters Are Coming

Right now is a good time to be a glow-getter. With the Kylie Cosmetics Highlighters on deck and the Smashbox x Casey Holmes Spotlight palettes and the Tarte PRO Glo liquid highlighters available, glow options abound, from brands to textures. Urban Decay's NAKED Skin Highlighting Fluid is capitalizing on the popular radiant skin trend, which isn't really a trend, since gleaming, luminous skin is always in style.

UD founder Wende Zomnir shared a tease of this new skin-enhancing product on her personal Instagram, noting that you will be able to get that hotly desired glow, without looking "overdone" or faux. Sign me up! A little shimmer and gleam, without looking like a strobe that can be seen from the cosmos sounds good to me.

So, when are Urban Decay NAKED Skin Highlighting Fluids out and where can you get them?

The brand's take on liquid highlighters comes in five shades and will drop exclusively via the Sephora app as of Sunday, Feb. 26.

Urban Decay NAKED Skin Highlighting Fluids, $28, Sephora

That's this weekend, so if you are looking to glow gloriously, you can shop these tubes soon and achieve that extra somethin' else.

The Highlighting fluids come in five shades: Luminous, Aura, Sin, Fireball, and Skywalk.

They stand in formation below.

There is radiance in your future. Well, more like your face's future. You could veritably customize your glow by layering and mixing and matching two or more of these liquid highlighter shades.

Vice Liquid Lipstick, $18, Sephora

You can totally use one of the NAKED Skin Highlighting Fluid shades on your Cupid's bow to call attention to your Vice Liquid Lipstick-slicked lips! There are so many prime placements for liquid highlighter — on the cheekbones or along the browbone are two premium locations!

While Urban Decay is known for adventurous makeup colors with sassy names, the brand is deeply dedicated to good skin and prepping and priming skin so makeup can stay and slay all day!

Onward with your glow, though!

Images: Wende Zomnir/Instagram (1); Urban Decay/Instagram (2)