When Can You Buy Honest Beauty At Target? The Range Hits The Retailer Soon

I can never, ever make it out of Target without spending at least $75. I pop into my fave retailer, intending to nab paper towels and deodorant, and inevitably leave with three or four bags of stuff. Now that Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty range is coming to Target, my problem with "getting and going" at Target will continue. The struggle is, in fact, real.

When is Honest Beauty available at Target? The makeup, skin, and hair products will be sold via the Target site and 800 target stores as of Sunday, Mar. 26, according to Women's Wear Daily.

That's this weekend and yes, I have already planned a Sunday trip to my local Target for the express purpose of shopping Honest Beauty.

You Can Shop Honest Beauty At Target.com

Alba's Honest Company cleaning items, like wipes, detergent, and all-purpose cleanser, are currently stocked on the Big Red Bullseye's shelves and have been since 2014. I use many of those products in my home already.

Previously, I would grab the Honest Beauty products at Ulta. I love the added convenience of now being able to shop them at Target. However, some fans have been speculating about whether Ulta still carry Honest Beauty products. Bustle reached out to both brands to inquire about Honest Beauty's status with the retailer. Ulta reps were unable to provide further information as of press time.

The Honest Beauty repertoire is extensive and prides itself on being safe, effective, and good for you and for your skin. There will 30 products, including 17 additional items and shade extensions on the Target site, per WWD.

BTW, if you've not tried them, the Honest Beauty hair care items smell like heaven in a bottle. I bought the Effortless Sea Salt Spray simply because I love the fragrance. Of course it does what it promises to do and that's add tons of texture to my hair. But the smell is what pulled me in, magnetically so.

Honest Effortless Sea Salt Spray, $18, Ulta

Honest Beauty is full of goodness.

Here is a sampling of comments from this Instagram post. You can see that fans and customers have been asking about the Honest x Ulta relationship.

The rumors are swirling! But here's a dose of good news. MAC is coming to Ulta in 2017.