Jouer's Anniversary Lip Colors Are Coming

There's always an excuse to buy more lippies, but this could just be the best yet. To celebrate the one year anniversary of one of their fan-favorite formulas, Jouer Cosmetics created six Lip Crèmes. The spring collection is gorgeous and comes in two different finishes. When can you buy Jouer's Anniversary Lip Crèmes, you ask? The exact time and date is here, so it's time to start saving.

It's that time again! Spring lippies are here, and they definitely don't disappoint. Especially since they're celebratory shades. Jouer's six Lip Crème liquid lipsticks come in two different formulas, so you can have the best of both worlds — shimmery and matte. Basically, anything you're thinking for the upcoming season, this brand has you covered.

According to their social media post, the Lip Crèmes will be available Feb. 28 at 1 p.m. ET.

While that doesn't leave you a ton of time to save up, these are definitely worth the buy. The brand doesn't say how much each of the anniversary colors will cost. My guess is that they will be $18, just like the rest of the Lip Crème line. One look at these shades, and you'll be willing to buy no matter the price, trust me.

If this is a sign of what else is coming this spring, it's a good sign. The colors are rich and gorgeous. They're perfect for summer too. Although the brand hasn't said if the anniversary shades are limited edition or a part of their permanent collect, I'd stock up just to be safe.

The names are just as great as the colors too. There's Cayenne, Guava, Rosè, Blush, Rayanne, and Mûre. If you think they look great in the tube, just wait until you see the swatches. Believe me when I say that you'll want every single one.

That top shade is calling my name. Not to mention how great some of them would look paired together. Move over, deep shades and neutrals, because the season of bright lippies is here!