When Can You Buy Kat Von D’s K-Dub Everlasting Liquid Lipstick? Get It Just In Time For Spring


This brand never disappoints when it comes to pigment. If you’re looking to rock a daring, bold pout, look no further than Kat Von D Beauty. The latest shade to come from the brand is a bright fuchsia, and you need to get your hands on it to amp up the color this spring. When can you buy Kat Von D’s K-Dub Everlasting Liquid Lipstick? Get ready for some major color payoff!

The first Wednesday of every month, KVD and Sephora are give you the chance to shop new shades before they’ve officially launched. You’ve only got a 48-hour window to take advantage of this offer, unless of course, the product sells out before the 48 hours have passed. As of Mar. 1, you have the opportunity to get the K-Dub shade before the official launch date of Apr. 11, according to KVD's Instagram. If you act quickly, you can snatch it on the Sephora website. The lippie was still up for grabs at the time of publication.

But, if for some reason this new hue is gone before you can add it to your cart, you’ll see it again on the Kat Von D website and likely at Sephora again on Apr. 11. So, the question is: how long are you willing to wait to slick this boldness across your pout? The sooner you can get it in your grasp, the better!

Missing some brightness in your beauty routine? Not anymore!


The brand describes this as a "neon berry," and that couldn't be more accurate.


This product will only be around for 48 hours or as long as it's in stock. Don't miss your chance to own this shade well before the official launch date!

Between the color itself and the chance to get it a month early, KVD and Sephora are making this purchase pretty hard to say no to!

Courtesy Sephora

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub, $20, Sephora

Fuchsia lipstick in a matte finish will liven your routine this spring. Make sure you shop while supplies last.