Katy Perry's Making A Shoe Inspired By Hillary

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Not only is she an amazing singer, major style icon and all-around empowering public figure, but now, she’s also a shoe designer. When can you buy Katy Perry's Hillary Clinton shoe? You won’t have to wait long to get the Clinton-inspired design (or the rest of her fantastic collection) on your feet!

According to People, Perry has created a 40-piece shoe collection that is set to launch on Feb. 16. She’s dubbed the new line, simply, Katy Perry Collections, and you can expect to shop it at, Amazon and Zappos. From the looks of it, this footwear matches Perry’s quirky personal style, and quite honestly, I couldn’t be more here for it. She’s taken inspiration from everything from a trip to Cuba to women she respects. “There are so many different vibes [in the line] because that’s who I am, and I love so many different things,” she tells People. “They all represent my personality and the many moods and characters I’ve displayed throughout my life and career.”

One major standout in the range is the heel that was inspired by Hillary Clinton. Perry was an open supporter of the former presidential candidate, so it comes as no surprise that she’s channeled Clinton’s important female presence into her debut shoe collection. She described how women such as Clinton and Lena Dunham ultimately served as her inspiration to People, “I tried to pair the shoes that best represented their personality. I didn’t necessarily shape the shoe after them, but I decided to make the shoes more name specific in the end.”

Who's ready to strut their stuff in Katy Perry Collections footwear? *Entire world unanimously raises hands*

The insanely cool pieces will be here before you know it.


Be ready to shop from Amazon, Zappos and the Katy Perry Collections website on Feb. 16.

Here she is, The Hillary. The blush pink color is gorgeous, then the addition of stars in the heel. I can't. It's just so pretty! Perry did Clinton proud with this one.

Finding a whole new reason to live right about now? Yeah, same.

According to Cosmopolitan, the line will range in price from $59 to $299, so have your wallets ready come Feb. 16!