Kylie Cosmetics Just Surprise Dropped A New Product NO ONE Was Expecting

Kylie Cosmetics is known for its strategically executed social media teases and hype-building prowess regarding new product launches and shade extensions. Well, the constantly evolving brand just threw fans and customers for a loop! Kylie Cosmetics is dropping 28 single serve eyeshadows on Friday, Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. The brand is also debuting a millennial pink, empty magnetic palette so you can custom build your palette with the exact shades that you want.The pricing is TBA as of press time.

This news came out of nowhere and arrived hot on the stiletto heels of two other huge pieces of intel regarding the brand. Last week, Jenner revealed that Kylie Cosmetics will hit Ulta stores and its site for the holiday season. This week, she shared the bombshell that she is changing her Lip Kit formula. She revealed in the brand's Insta story that she is launching "the perfect nude" Kylie Lip Kit. It is named after her, is a new matte formula, and features a lip liner that is slightly darker than the liquid lipstick. That's also a first for Lip Kits, since the liner was always a perfect match to the lippie.

So there has already been a lot to unpack regarding the brand in recent days.

As for the newly-launching single eyeshadows? Jenner has chosen her favorite hues from previously sold out and limited edition collections, as well as those in currently available palettes.

As you can see, the shade spectrum is well-represented. There are dark shades, light hues, neutrals, bold accent colors, mattes, satins, and shimmers. It's a pretty complete eyeshadow wardrobe and your lids will love you for it. Jenner wants her customers to mix and matte, er, match, and create their "dream palettes." Since the shadows and the palette base are magnetized, you can easily switch and swap.

For those of you keeping shadow score at home, here's the complete run down of the singles and their names. So you know exactly what you are getting. You can build your kustom Kylie palette carefully and purposefully.

Here's an IRL look at how the singles were used in a campaign image. Mermaid eyes! Shimmer 'n' sparkle! Yes! If this doesn't get you all sorts of excited for the singles, nothing else will.

Twitter, of course, was here for this news and could not contain its excitement. Kyliephiles weighed in about this news. This simple tweet sums up all of the feels.

Of course you are! Of course all Kylie Cosmetics fans are, too!

Once again, Jenner and co. have hit on something and understand how to satiate fans. This is what the Kylie Cosmetics customers have wanted and it's what they are getting.

There have been so many amazing nuggets of Kylie Cosmetics news lately. It's a lot to process, plenty to look forward to and to be excited about, and loads of reasons to start saving so you can shop to your heart's content.

By providing shoppers with options — from where and how to shop to new formulas and innovations to customizable products — Kylie Cosmetics is further positioning itself as a one-stop shop and "go to" brand for its faithful. That's one of many things that has elevated it to a billion dollar brand.

Go get dem single shadows!