Lush Is Releasing Eggplant & Peach Emoji Bath Bombs For Valentine's Day For All You Dirty Sexters

Courtesy of Lush Cosmetics

With the love bug just a month away on Feb. 14, Lush is already in the Valentine's Day mood. To celebrate, Lush Cosmetics announced eggplant and peach emoji bath bombs for its Valentine's Day collection. If you were looking to spice things up in the new year, these oughta do it for you, sis.

The favorited bath and body brand is bringing sexy back into 2019, initially breaking the news to Lushies via Instagram in the form of a basket full of thick eggplant bath bombs.

"We're going into 2019 with big 🍆 energy," the brand captioned the photo. "Our Valentine's Day collection launches online on January 7th and rolls out in shops starting on the 11th! Try not to get all hot n' bothered."

Turning all your late-night sexts into a bath fizz fragrance is the kind of vibe skin care fanatics ask for on V-Day, and Lush is serving it up in the shape of a hard-on bath bomb and big booty. Both the eggplant and peach emoji bath bombs are part of Lush's 15-piece collection including other, ehem, suggestive bath products you'll enjoy diving into face first.

Eggplant Bath Bomb

As if it's mimicking real life, the tip of this eggplant emoji bath bomb fizzles out faster than the rest of its, well, girth. According to the brand, it features uplifting bergamot, ho wood (yes, you read that right) and of course, fresh eggplant.

Peachy Bath Bomb

Whether you simply appreciate that fatty behind you or you couldn't get Timothée Chalamet's peach scene out of your head, Lush's Peachy Bath Bomb was probably made for you. Using real peach juice, send your own curves some love by dipping into this thicc bath fizzy.

Eve's Cherry Lip Scrub

Pop this cherry lip scrub open to achieve some smooth smackers for date night. As part of the V-Day collection, Lush introduces this lip scrub to Lushies featuring castor sugar to exfoliate and cherry kernel oil to moisturize. This winter, say no to cracked lips.

American Pie Naked Body Conditioner

In the bitter months to come, ashiness is the devil and American Pie Naked Body Conditioner will be your savior. Nix the lotion when you step out of the shower because shea and murumuru butter are infused to keep that body soft and glistening. Don't forget the elbows, too, now.

Big Banana Massage Bar

Everyone goes a little bananas over their lover every now and again, so chill out any tension with a Big Banana Massage Bar. The bar incorporates fresh bananas and shea and cocoa butters for hydration. Both melt away upon wear, releasing spicy clove bud oil and a Brazilian orange oil to stimulate and rejuvenate for another round.

There's a lot going on in this collection, but Lushies are already excited for these sultry products to hit the shelves on Jan. 11. With the combination of these bath products and all the pheromones in the air, Valentine's Day will be far from boring.