A Giant Tina Turner Statue Is Coming To Margate For Simply The BEST Reason

by Aoife Hanna
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Margate is fast becoming a must visit location for those interested in the arts. There are too many galleries to mention but with the recent opening of the Carl Freedman Gallery and the already world famous Turner Contemporary, it really is a must for art boffins. However, apart from being simply the best in terms of the art world, it is also a pretty lit place to visit for other reasons. Especially with the news that a Tina Turner-inspired sculpture is coming to town. But the question is, when can you visit the Tina Turner head in Margate? Because I do NOT want to miss out on this.

The giant inflatable sculpture is going to be erected in Dreamland, Margate's famous theme park, on Aug. 10 as a celebration of the Turner Prize coming to the Turner Contemporary this year, the Evening Standard reports. It's being created by the incredible artists Cool Sh*t, who are well known for making wonderfully life-like art pieces that are not only great to look at but are fun too.

The Tina Turner sculpture will herald the launch of the Tina Turner Prize, which is an open call for artists to compete to have their art piece featured in a mural at Dreamland. The winning piece will be on display in Dreamland from Oct. to Jan. next year. What's the brief? Well, it absolutely must be related to the iconic singer and I guess, after that, the sky's the limit.

So, when exactly can you see this beautiful creation? Well, according to the Dreamland website "the mammoth piece of fan art will be unveiled at the park on 10 August." Guests can visit every day of the summer until Sept. 1 2019. Eek!

The idea for the collaboration came from the mind of Victoria Barrow-Williams. Barrow-Williams was, until her recent decision to go freelance, the Creative Learning & Participation Manager at Dreamland. However, this art piece was her parting tour de force. I spoke to her about where the idea came from.

"Dan Chilcott came up with the idea of running an event or doing something with the title The Tina Turner Prize," Barrow-Williams explains. "He said he wanted to do a karaoke competition. In that moment I was like 'leave it with me I know exactly want we can do'. So I told the artist, 'I want a giant Tina Turner head' and the piece was developed."

Speaking about the process of finding the artist, Barrow-Williams says: "I've been chatting with the artist Dave from Cool Sh*t for the last two years after seeing his Kanye West sculpture at Bestival. Since then we were always talking about how we could get one of his pieces at Dreamland."

The statue is a gargantuan seven metres tall and seven metres wide and will have an actual karaoke booth inside it. Which will, of course, be an opportunity for members of the public to do their own renditions of Tina Turner's most famous tunes. Sounds like a pricey experience, right? Well guys, it will in fact be free! All you have to do is book your slot online and experience singing songs from the mind of Tina Turner, while inside a giant inflatable statue of her head.

Speaking about the statue to the Evening Standard, the CEO for Dreamland Eddie Kemsley said that the piece would "show the alternative, modern, and wonderfully camp side of Margate's arts scene."

Details on how to book your slot in the karaoke booth are yet to be revealed, so keep checking the Dreamland events page to stay up to date.

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