A Look Back At Karlie Kloss & Josh Kushner's Love Story, Including When It All Began

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

By now, you've likely heard the news about their engagement. Since the couple has mostly kept their long-term relationship on the down-low from day one though, many fans might be wondering when Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner started dating to begin with. It's hard to say for sure, but the couple was first spotted looking lovey-dovey back in November 2012.

In an Instagram post celebrating their four-year anniversary, Kloss revealed that she and Kushner met on June 8, 2012. "Four years ago today I met my best friend," she captioned the photo. "I love you more everyday." Neither she nor Kushner have spoken about how they met, exactly, but they wouldn't be spotted out in public together for another five months.

On Nov. 8, 2012, a source for Us Weekly said that Kloss had taken Kushner as her date to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show afterparty. "They are really cute together," the source said of the then-rumored couple. "[Kushner] seemed nervous and shy around everyone but handled it well. Karlie is stunning and the sweetest girl ever. She stuck close to him."

If they first met in June, it'd make sense if they spent the next few months exchanging flirty texts, emails, or phone calls. This was around the height of Kloss' modeling career, and Kushner had just made waves as one of the first and youngest Instagram investors earlier that year.

Clearly, they both had a lot going on — so, maybe they'd gone on a few private dates out of the public eye before deciding to make a more public debut in November. That could have been like, their "defining the relationship" moment or something. Them acknowledging to each other that they were an actual item. To clarify, though, this is all speculation.

Kloss and Kushner continued to stay tight-lipped about their relationship status until March 2013, when the model briefly mentioned her reported beau in an interview with People. He's "so not in fashion," she told the publication. "It’s really refreshing to leave all the fashion shows and shoots and chaos totally behind."

Throughout that year, the pair would start to pop up on each other's Instagram pages much more often. They each separately posted photos from their global adventures, but always of themselves or of the other person — never together.

Then, in November 2013 — one year after they were first spotted at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after-party — Kloss and Kushner made a public appearance as a couple at the WSJ Magazine 2013 Innovator Awards. From then on, they seemingly got increasingly more comfortable with putting their romance out there.

Flash-forward a few years and many more couple selfies later, and on July 24, 2018, Kloss announced her engagement to Kushner with a super sweet Instagram photo. A source told People that Kushner actually "proposed a few weeks ago during a romantic weekend together in upstate New York," but they ultimately decided to keep the news to themselves for a while before sharing their happiness with fans.

Fans may never know the full story of how Kloss and Kushner first met and started dating, but it's totally understandable that they might want to keep some special moments private. Either way, they sure do look happy.