Inside Robby & Amanda's Roller Coaster Relationship After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Paul Hebert/ABC

This season of Bachelor in Paradise has been a total whirlwind, so it makes sense that the relationships that spawned on the beach have followed suit. It didn't take long for Amanda and Robby to hit it off after they met, and as a couple, they were so low-key and drama free that it seemed inevitable that they'd leave Paradise together... until they broke up during the finale when the topic of Fantasy Suite dates finally came up. So when did Robby and Amanda get back together? As it turns out, they decided to give things another shot after they left Mexico.

Before Monday night's finale aired, Amanda spoke with Glamour about their short-lived relationship. She admitted that they did try to date after filming, but they still couldn't make things work, and it sounds like even then, she kept things very casual. Amanda told the magazine that Robby never met her daughters and she wanted to see whether or not he'd be good with them before she introduced him to Charlie and Kinsley, but that the more time she spent with him, "the less and less I could see that happening."

And then, when Amanda and Robby sat down with Chris Harrison during the after show, it became even more clear exactly what happened between them.

Amanda admitted that Robby had seemed really sweet and thoughtful at first, but she wanted to be realistic about their future together and originally wanted their relationship to stay a summer fling after Paradise was over. She had second thoughts once she got home, though, and wanted to see where things could go now that they were back in the real world. They spent the first weekend after filming together, when Robby asked her to be his girlfriend... but by the time they arrived to film the after show, that had all gone kaput.

As Amanda tells it, they barely spoke, she felt like she was just a girlfriend of convenience to Robby, and she gave him "20 chances" to make things right. In Robby's words, it was mutual and it was a "struggle" for them to get what each other needed out of a relationship from each other. And although Emily and Haley called him out for allegedly cheating on Amanda, he denied it up and down.

It's a bummer that they couldn't make things work, but after their interview, it's pretty obvious that things worked out for the best for them both. Certainly, they'll both find people who are much better suited to what they're looking for — even if it's not on reality TV.