Morphe's Liquid Lipsticks Are Coming Super Soon

Morphe Brushes may be most well known for their namesake — brushes —, but that hasn't stopped them from branching out and doing it well. Now, Morphe's matte liquid lipsticks are on their way, and they're coming out super soon. In fact, fans should probably go ahead and get their credit cards ready because they'll be able to snag these stunning lipsticks sooner rather than later.

According to the Morphe Brushes Instagram, the Morphe Liquid Lips are set to debut on Friday, Jan. 20. That means by the end of this week, you could very well have already ordered your favorites of the 22 shades. That's right. Straight out of the gate, Morphe Brushes will be launching a full 22 shades. From vibrant purples to true nude hues, it's an impressive range of colors, and fans are certainly going to be stoked for them.

In fact, some beauty bloggers have already gotten their hands on them. Just a few days ago, Jaclyn Hill snapped a few images of her package from the brand, and fans of Morphe are already hyped for the launch on social media. It's hard not to be when the brand has become known for incredible products at affordable prices. This latest launch is sure to only enhance the brand's incredible popularity among both makeup junkies and pro artist alike.

With prices at only $12.99 each, they're a steal.

It's almost more than some fans can stand.

Others are ready to spend whatever is necessary.

These colors look stunning, so the hype makes total sense.

If you're a lover of all things lippie or a devoted Morphe fan, these new matte lips are sure to be on your must-have list. Get ready, fans, because they're coming at you on Friday, Jan. 20.