CoverFX's Holographic Highlight Drops Are Coming

It's been six months since the Custom Enhancer Drops came into the world, but the hype hasn't stopped just yet. Adding to the awesome line of metallic bronzers and highlighters, CoverFX is launching three new shades. Think even brighter than their original liquid metal shades. If you're wondering when the Holographic Custom Enhancer Drops come out, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

While most companies make their fans wait months for their new items, CoverFX does things a bit differently. The brand surprised their fans with a whole string of new products, some of which are already available for pre-order. The most exciting launch, according to social media reactions, are the three new Custom Enhancer Drop Shades.

The trio includes Blossom, a light pink, Rose Gold, exactly the color it sounds like, and Halo, a holographic white meets blue shade. All of the Custom Enhancer Drops launch on Mar. 3 at Sephora. You'll also be able to get them on pre-sale at the brand's GenBeauty booth in Lost Angeles from Jan. 21 and 22. The shades will be available for $42 each — the same price as the already-available Custom Enhancer Drops. These might be more unconventional colors than the other, but this is one launch that you won't want to miss.

March 3 also marks the date of the CoverFX's other two launches. Their first-ever Illuminating Setting Spray as well as their Perfect Light Highlighting Palette will also be up for grabs on the same date. Basically, you'll want to start saving right now, because there's a whole lot to look forward to.

If you're too excited to wait until March, you're in luck. Both the setting spray and the highlight palette is available for pre-order right now. There's no word on when they will ship, but at least you'll know for sure that you can get your hands on them.

These three products are definitely worth the wait. Until then, there are these gorgeous swatches to keep everyone occupied.